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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

BBFC: David Goes One Better

After seeing Ricky and Conrad in their latest clips David called and said he wanted to make something similar but better. So here it is. Starting off OTK with the small paddle, and look at the shape of that perfect little bum, he gets a few warm up swats to get things going.

Then after he has dropped his underwear he is under the arm and legs wide apart, everything on show. But in a twist to the last clip to stop him struggling his junk is held tight as he is spanked. A cracking clip from David  


This update is at Clips4sale and will be on the BBFC site later today
Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights



  1. This is perfection!!! It has all the elements I love when watching a video or administering a spanking: an exceptionally pert-bottomed young lad laid over the knee wearing only a pair of short and close-fitting coloured boxer briefs that really bring out the roundness of his cheeky little bum! And the clearly pained expressions on his face as he is getting smacked! I just adore watching young David being spanked! I'd love to see a competition where the first prize was an opportunity to bend him over in his underpants and tan his pert, naughty backside till he couldn't sit down! Congratulations in spades to BBFC for discovering him - and I'm bright green with envy of the gentleman in the video who is so fortunate in being able to lay David over his knee, knowing that the little scamp will stay there until he has finished disciplining him! Thank you, BBFC, and Jockspank for this fantastic post! I have been looking for a new header-photo for my 'Bend over, young man!' blog to use in the New Year - I think I've just found it!

  2. Hot!!!!! Just wish David would get a hard-on in that position and while being spanked he starts to cum while squirming from the spanking with his hard dick being held by the spanker! David is hot!!!!!!

  3. A very globular posterior has young David. To be fair though he's also Mr Adam Black and have been with Sting now for sometime. Partly that very proposal from Anonymous above can be seen with him at Hornet in their seafaring saga. All deliciously very rum, bum and the lash.

  4. I am looking forward to these updates on the site.

  5. WOW!!!
    This is what I like to see!!!
    A cute guy, an amazing ass and a gorgeous hole!