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Friday, 30 December 2016

East Europe Boys: Kuba and Filip

 Here is this weeks posting from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.
KUBA and FILIP (part 1)
Two new guys on the recommendation of a friend of theirs, are presented by the master in order to earn some money knowing they undergo a good spanking. They are straight guys and this is thyeir first spanking video (as well as their first-ever spanking). Before this video, they had never been touched by a man, and this makes their very uncomfortable, but they have to submit, and then receive a painful punishment training in the form of a hand spanking by hand, one at a time over the master's knee.

 From Training4Boys
Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images

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  1. 2016 Best Spanking Videos. Another great year! Terrific studios, models to-die-for! East Europe, on reduced schedule. Terrific stuff again this year! My favorite models are the stars, all back this year, "King" Michal, "Prince" Lukas Liz, Pavel Tom, Roman Ja, best videos: Paddling (Michal,) a gorgeous wheelbarrow with a heavenly above shoulder camera angle. Another gem "Pleasure of Punishing Michal." So many great, beautiful models, Kuba SM, Justine Ha, Huck, Tommy Hennessey, Peter Ma. Hope the studio returns to full schedule in 2017. Sting Pictures, all the Robin Palmer movies are tremendous, both at Sting and at Sting SNCF. Robin is so gorgeous and Rich and the Sting wizards feature Robin brilliantly. Joey Whyte has also done great work at Sting again in 2016. Straight Lads Spanked, I love Kevin and he has starred in great videos such as "Bubble Bath Blues" and "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home." Kevin has a gorgeous body and is not embarrassed to express his pain loudly. Magic Spanking Factory, I can't take my eyes off the gorgeous body featured in "Thai Boy Steven." More of Steven please, do an over the knee and hit him hard! BBFC has great videos starring David and Jeff! Spanking Straight Boys, many gorgeous young lads meet the paddle gloriously! Spanking Central, my favorite video of the year is Eddie in Bedtime Belting. A gorgeous, glorious symphony here. Cliff swings the belt over and over ob Eddies gorgeous butt. Eddie moans and groans magnificently, in time to the rhythm. Eddie's butt clenches and rolls side to side. Just magnificent! So sorry that blonde, deep-voiced, Eddie has moved away and no longer filming at Spanking Central. Liam is doing the groaning and butt clenching routine, too. More, please!