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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Request for Information

A visitor to JockSpank has asked for assistance in tracking down a Spank This! Video. The video stars an actor called Nathan, pictured above, who appeared in the 2003 Spank This! release “Interview with a Spanker”. It is believed that Nathan also appeared in a second Spank This! But this no longer appears to be available at the Spank This! Site.

Does anyone remember Nathan and if so, do you recall what other spanking movies he appeared in?

If so please let us know by leaving your answer in the Comments Section below.

Thanks for your help 

Nathan in Interview with a Spanker



Thanks to those who have responded both online and via private e-mail.  We have now been able to establish that Nathan's other SpankThis! performance was in "Sterne, Wood and Paddle" (Spank This Catalogue number ST10) which, in fact was released before "Interview with a Spanker" - In the scene which features Nathan, he is applying to become the new courier for SpankThis, and Jeff Sterne gives him a "warning spanking" of what will happen if he screws up.  It includes a spanking with Jeff's hand and a paddle on a bed. 

Unfortunately, "Sterne Wood and Paddle" is no longer listed on the SpankThis! Website 


  1. Yes. The above picture is from the first Sthis video with Nathan.I think "Interview with a spanking" is the second one. In the first Nathan is the substitute of another young worker who was dismissed. In order to avoid future trouble,he is spanked by his employer as an advise what will happen to him in case he doesn't do his work properly.
    In the second video he is a boy spanked by his father or stepfather. I think here he wore a very inappropriate ear ring that doesn't match with the total nude of the most of the scene.
    I think I have both videos

    1. Hi

      Thanks very much for this, Do you happen to remember the title of the second video?

  2. Nathan was not in "Interview with a Spanker." That classic video is one of the very best ever filmed, still gives me tremendous pleasure watching it. "Interview" features an interview with Rick Black and then he gives a hard, rapid fire, breathtaking, over the knee spanking to beautiful, blonde, model, Justin Gold. A truly awesome spanking by a master to a gorgeous Ft. Lauderdale young man that is one of the hardest, fastest, best, spanking ever!

    1. News about wonderful Justin Gold? He was really perfect to spank...

  3. I think the video was called Stern, Wood, and Paddle. No longer on the site for some reason. He was in another scene with Jeff Stern.

    1. I wonder why that video is no longer on the site?