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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sting: The Governor's Choice 8 (Part 1 of 2)

The young inmates at Rainsford Prison are still pushing their luck, often with the result that their misdemeanour's will appear on their record resulting in loss of remission. The Governor has instituted a way by which they can avoid this. Being young fit lads with energy to burn, he knows that there will always be a certain amount of boyish behaviour and skylarking. 

Yesterday there was a fracas in the canteen. Two lads were involved. The main protagonist and certainly the ringleader was Dawson (Leonardo King) He is given a choice of the event being written up on record or the Governors choice, which on this occasion will mean a good caning from the senior officer, Mr Sharpe. Dawson takes the alternative punishment.

Mr Sharps usually administers punishments in the lads dormitories. He wastes no time in sending Dawson to fetch the cane.

As always with Officer Sharpe, the burning stripes of the cane on the boys well rounded and muscular bare backside will be followed one hell of a stinging spanking!


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  1. Leonardo is one hot hunk what a butt! Beautiful shots from Sting as per usual.

  2. This is a "must see" for those who like hard canings and very hard (rapid fire) spankings. Leonardo King can really take it

    He also looks hot as hell

  3. Sting Pictures I have a complaint! You've done it again put up a set of overly intoxicating pictures that made me reach for my well worn debit card. I live on a stipend, a poor physician, I am undone, well I'll be done up again in a minute. That boys posterior should be preserved for the love of medical science.

  4. Leo might just have the most perfect ass I've ever seen. Two round, firm, tight globes that color nicely. I love the way they jiggle when he walks. I also love how they're not just solid muscle, but he also has some fat there as well.

  5. Excellent. Next time make it 24. His firm butt surely can take it