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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sting: Naval Story: Part 4 (Part 1)

The Cadets and Jnr Leading Seaman of T.S Morsus are used to strict discipline. Training is an important part of preparing them for senior service. Maintaining good records and reports of course go hand in hand. However, if there is trouble on horizon there is always the possibility of keeping your service record clean. The Captain is not above sending a wayward cadet to the CPO for off the record corrective training!

This was in fact the case for Leading Cadet Daniels (Joshua Clarke) he had been slacking in his approach to general duties and found himself ordered to report to to his Training CPO (Chief Petty Officer) Mr Sharpe.

The lad knew before he got there what he would be facing and that would start with a hard, stinging, over the CPOs knee spanking. That would be punishment enough but not enough for the Training Officer. 

Cadet Daniels is further ordered to lay atop the pommel horse in the same manner a lad might be slung on a cannon for a birching. However, it wasn't the birch but the flat of the CPO's hard palm again, to further scorch this lazy cadets bare and now burning red bottom!

Joshua Clark as Cadet Daniels



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  1. Joshua is one of my favorite models. He's adorable and the way he grimaces and says "aahhh!" makes me grin.

  2. It's not just sad but really tragic when handsome, beautiful, sexy men destroy their beauty through these needless acts of self-mutilation (tattoos). :-(

  3. Yawn with the tattoos again , it's their body and their choice.

    1. We have had the debate about tattoos here many of time. Many people hate them, and I must say that I am certainly not fond of them myself.

      However, tattoos, like silly haircuts, are are very popular with the younger generation, and heavily tattooed guys now feature regularly in most studio's output, so I am afraid that it is something we will have to put up with until the fashion changes.

      For those handsome young guys reading this who are considering getting a tattoo, I would just remind you that, unlike a hairstyle, a tattoo is for life, and when tattoos go out of fashion, as they will, so will you!

    2. Saying that it's their body and their choice is really stating the obvious (YAWN!) Furthermore, the person writing the first comment didn't say anything to the contrary.

      Fashions may come and go. Statistics show, however, that more people are turned off by tattoos than turned on by them.

      Further statistics show that more tattooed people regret their choice later on than those who don't.

      And other statistics show that more money is spent on tattoo removal than on getting them in the first place.

    3. Lets not have a row about this, as you say, it is self evidently a matter of personal choice and, of course, personal taste.

      People tend to have strong views on both sides of this debate.

  4. I have tattoos at 27 I can say I do regret them I had most of them between 20-24 worst is there on my hands.


    1. In that case you deserve a good caning, not only for the tattoos on your hands but also for using the word *there instead of *they're. Bend over!

  5. I would say that this is a debate (or exchange), not a row. I'm quite interested by what has been said until now.

    And maybe this debate needs to be had more often and in more places, then maybe those who are turned off by tattoos could finally "come out", so that people thinking of getting one would have a chance to see how many people are turned off by them - before it's too late.

    When I'm contacted by someone on a gay chat platform who wants to hook up with me, and I see that they're tattooed, I'm honest and say: "Sorry, you would have been my type but tattoos are a lust killer for me. I've tried to change that but can't. My problem, not yours - so shall we go for a drink instead?"

    In 90% of the cases, this results in a tsunami of rage and abuse. I'm accused of having insulted the person, which I didn't ("My problem, not yours"). I'm accused of rejecting people due due to something superficial, which I didn't ("Let's go for a drink instead.") I'm told to adjust what turns me on and what doesn't, which reminds me of my teenage years when people suggested that I just hadn't met the right girl yet, or that I should just "try" a bit harder.

    It makes no sense, other that I'm left with the impression that I should have lied and said: "You're not my type." I know plenty of people who do just that.

    People can mutilate themselves however they like. But just like I would advise an 18-year-old to only practise safer sex before regretting something when it's too late, I would welcome the same person being aware of the secret unpopularity of certain acts of bodily disfigurement that young people are prepared to inflict on themselves in order to blend in with the masses, to become indistinguishable.

    1. Well you must look like a sex god then maybe set your standards lower you aiming too high.


      Ain't no way I'm turning down a guy with Tattoos!