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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sting: Naval Story - Part 4 (Part 2)

The Second Set of pictures from:

Another boy, Jnr Seaman Talbot (Alex Bell) is also in the same predicament and now up before the Captain. He too is unlucky in training, although in some ways he's lucky to be unlucky, as his recent misdemeanour's are not to go on to his training record. The Captain is prepared to let the CPO deal with it in the same way he did with Daniels.

The difference is Talbot has had too many chances and this session of punishment will be an official punishment parade, with his Division Officer in attendance. 
It'll be over the gym horse with the Training NCOs thick lather strap, specially made for the purpose and producing deep painful bands of fire across Talbot's well raised and bared bottom.


After dismissal when the officer has gone, Talbot too will find himself stripped and over the CPO's knee for a stinging spanking! 
On his, already well punished and very sore, bare bottom.

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  1. But this is Part 4. Where are parts 1, 2, and 3 posted? Do they have a different name other than "Naval Story"?

    1. Hi Swatter

      It may be that not all the previous episodes have been posted to JockSpank, but you can see pictures and trailers from all of them on the Feel the Sting blog, at the following link:

  2. Is Alex Bell crying at the end of that? It certainly looks as if he is.

    Marco sure takes it out on him. That man sure can WHACK!

  3. Got excited thought it said Jamie bell , there's a spankable laddie!

    1. I would say that Alex Bell is at least as cute and spankable as Jamie Bell, if not even cuter!

  4. The navy story 4. Was great - the position acrossed. The spanking bench was a. classic. Example of what happens. When one doesn't due what's expected of hI'm. - in my view. This young mN didn't get a spanking. - He got. A good Ass whipping. And his ass was smoked and busted. Very nice good work