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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mark's 2017 Calendar (Part 1, January to June)

JockSpank is proud to present the Redburn Paddle and Strap  Co. Calendar for 2017, created for your pleasure by Mark

Click on the images to see the full sized pictures

To Be Continued …...

Anthony on The Bench


20 year old Anthony hates being spanked, but he likes the money more than he hates the spanking. So that is why he is back for a second spanking video

Anthony is a tough, somewhat cocky boy. He's been in many fights and he isn't afraid to throw a punch. However, as soon as the spankings begin, Anthony has always reverted into an obedient boy. A few smacks on his ass and he is both polite and and respectful.

This session was a lot harder than his first, and Anthony almost wouldn't return after this shoot.

Video Preview


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BBFC: David Annoys Cal


David has annoyed Cal again and this time Cal comes prepared with a brush in his bag. A few swats on the trousers and then David is told to drop em' and Cal arms himself. Once OTK David gets a good warm up on the underwear before they are pulled down and Cal lays into his ass. The brush is merciless and David's butt is soon glowing nicely. Cal is not happy and it shows in his splendid spanking of this ever naughty lad. 






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Monday, 30 January 2017

The House of Fun - Art by Jonathan

Another re-sized scan of Jonathan's work - click on the image to see the full sized picture

Sting: Colonial College 6

Staying in class and learning is clearly a struggle for Cooper (Joey White) and Weston (Robbie Kasl) So they decide to skip out and have a smoke in the gym store.

Unfortunately for them the Headmaster is on the prowl and quickly finds their hiding place. Sent back to class with their tails between their legs Mr Sharpe is waiting to greet them!

The Headmaster reminds them of their recent behaviour and is left with little choice than to call the parents of both lads, instantly protesting at this out the lads are given the option to be punished instead.

The Headmaster and Mr Sharpe are in no mood for there terrible behaviour and kick of with a heavy handed double spanking.

They quickly start to realise they are in trouble as the skin turns a painful red as the stinging hands crack down on their burning bums!

Standing up clearly not happy with their punishment The Headmaster takes leave giving Mr Sharpe the room to continue now with the trusty heavy strap. 

Brining it down first on Coopers already glowing rear end. Whack … the agony shows instantly in his face, again again and again until the message is clear.

Next Weston takes the position, touching his toes Mr Sharpe quickly Brings the strap to task. Crack.. Weston jumps in agony but mr Sharpe is having none of it and puts him back over and continues the punishment with added vigour! Until into submission Weston falls.

Stay in class, certainly don't smoke or a visit to Mr Sharpe will be required!

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