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Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Tripple Posting from BBFC

Following some technical issues the BBFC Website is back online, and Tony has asked me to post a triple update in celebration

Ricky Taken in Hand 

Caught red handed playing with himself Ricky is OTK in a moment. He is not taking it as he should and is struggling and squirming all over the place. After trying to keep him in place there is no choice but to change tactic and Ricky finds himself kneeling over the couch with his junk being held to keep him still.

It is a bit of a shock and has two effects. First it stops him squirming as he is spanked and second it keeps him thinking about what he was doing before. So of course the moment his junk is released he has his down there and is tugging away, dumping his load on the floor - horny beast. So not only is he spanked but in the end his has to face cleaning up as well. 


Diaper Mik 

Mik is given a spanking in the diaper position as this is his last appearance for a while. So what better way to say good bye than to spank him in a rather humiliating position. He doesn't look happy with it at all and who would. As always Mik takes what's coming to him like a trooper and his bum gets a nice redness to it that says the point is getting across well. 

Philip Paddled to the End

Priapic Philip is in trouble again. You can see from the start that the domination has had an effect on him and when he strip off and his huge dick bounces out rock hard, so a good show is guaranteed. It is fascinating that a straight guy gets off so much on the idea of older male domination and a spanking.

Things start off OK and the paddle starts to warm up his ass nicely. But as things go on Philip starts a rhythmic wriggling that gives a lot of pleasure to the pain his ass is feeling. Unable to control himself he rubs off while OTK and dumps his load while OTK. This is a lad who loves being spanked for sure. His face is a mixture of pleasurable orgasm and painful ass, classic. A lot of guys have asked how the lads here manage to cum while being spanked, well here it is for all to see.







Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


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