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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Anthony on The Bench


20 year old Anthony hates being spanked, but he likes the money more than he hates the spanking. So that is why he is back for a second spanking video

Anthony is a tough, somewhat cocky boy. He's been in many fights and he isn't afraid to throw a punch. However, as soon as the spankings begin, Anthony has always reverted into an obedient boy. A few smacks on his ass and he is both polite and and respectful.

This session was a lot harder than his first, and Anthony almost wouldn't return after this shoot.

Video Preview


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  1. Anthony may not have been keen but he does what every guy facing a beating should do - get stripped quickly, get into position quickly and get it done!! Nice looking junk on him - sure that is will used and gives good service!!! Brings back memories for me of way back in the day!!

  2. Brings back warm memories.