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Thursday, 12 January 2017

BBFC: Meet Priapic Philip

I .. ahem .. think it is best to allow Tony from BBFC to describe this rather startling update:
Tony: Philip has been talking for weeks about coming along and always has a lame excuse for not showing up. Well he made it at last on his way home from college. I never know what to expect when a new guy shows up and Philip turns out to be something special. He gets a short lecture on lateness and the domination has a direct effect on him, as he drops his trousers and underwear to go OTK his hard dick bounces out.

This is a lad who likes the dominance of of an older guy and he likes being spanked as well. He gets his introducing spanking and it seems to add to his excitement because afterwards when he stands up his is even harder than before. What a great new addition to the team. But this is nothing, you wait until you see his paddling in a few days time.



Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights

This update is at Clips4sale and will be on the BBFC site in due course



  1. it is so great to see a boy who has all the conflicting feelings of getting a spanking....dread, anxiety, anticipation, and yes, an embarassing erection. with so many studios focusing on spanking "straight" boys, so many boys have been left off camera who experience this complex range of emotions at once. it is great to see this in phillip. i imagine recruiting models is extremely hard, but i hope more studios follow Phillip and BBFC's lead.

  2. Yes! It's so hot to see a young dude (the one getting spanked) get an embarrassing erection during the spanking. Also love when a dude is spanked in the diaper position with legs up that exposes his tight ass hole and the embarrassing erection! More of these!