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Friday, 13 January 2017

East Europe Boys: Kuba's Spanking

Here is this weeks posting from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.
The master continues to punish the His guy, with more vigorous and heavy hand spanking, in the uncomfortable and humiliating positions wheelbarrow, Followed, at the turn of a card, by a another good hand spanking. Kuba is suffering Throughout this punishment, for him it's a big challenge, Which he passes manfully.

East Europe Boys are currently operating on a reduced schedule

Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images


  1. This is a remarkable, wonderful, fulfilling Spanking classic! Kuba SM is one of the all-time hottest models! His extraordinary body, gorgeous face and terrific hair all complement the devastating action. The master, in part one, gave his hurtful strokes to Kuba SM upside down on the c(ouch) and then sprawled out over the master's knee. Now, in part 2, the master has grabbed the beautiful boy and positioned his to-die-for body in the magnificent wheelbarrow. For the next 20 minutes the most heavenly Spanking occurs. Kuba SM's beautiful butt cheeks are raised high and turn glowing red from the master's all out assault to punish the wonderful one! Kuba SM shares his pain with us, so beautifully, with his grunts, groans and protests as the master just will not stop! Just so great, the new Year is off to a fabulous start. Be sure and check out the stills for both the regular and short versions. The short version stills are riveting as they show several clear frames of Kuba SM's stiff, erect buttocks, glowing red, being gloriously hammered mercilessly! A clip that I will treasure forever. Thank you master and please make more Kuba SM clips, along with Michal, Lukas Liz, Christian, Roman Ja and Pavel Tom. These are your star models, mine, too

  2. Why didn't this guy do more with Sting?

    1. Kuba SM, under a different name,starred magnificently in one masterful Sting Pictures production

  3. I really love a young guy spanked by elder...

    1. A young and beautiful guy

    2. Looking forward to seeing Kuba SM in Bastinado part 2. In part one, the magnificent one was bastinadoed lying face up and then caned hard over the knee. I wonder what sheer pain the master has cooked up for our boy in part 2! I can't wait, hopefully Kuba SM gets bastinadoed lying face down and hit hard and in rapid fire fashion. Make him scream!

  4. Ward,
    I am still obsessed with Kuba SM and this video. Would you please scan and post more stills from this tremendous clip? If possible, I'd love to see scans of when Kuba SM's head falls to the floor from all cameras. What a spellbinding classic! Thanks.

  5. Kuba SM fans, check him out as Enzo Scott in "PT Coach," Sting Pictures release, May 4, 2016! Buy it.