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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Inmates in Love: Art By Matt

More prison Art by Matt: These two inmates have fallen in love, and comfort each other with passionate kisses while the prison guards blister their backsides with the hairbrush.


  1. Woo-wee! What a HOT drawing. This one jingles all my bells! What I wouldn't give to be one of the prison guards! ;)

  2. Life wasn't exactly easy and far from fair for Purple Point Penitentiary prisoners :
    the scrooge warden ordered all bad boys to be bare-balls for dirty chores as well as plentiful, peccadilloes-prompted, publicly-performed posterior-purple-paining punishments,
    and remain pantless (systematically, 'soundly' sore-stern-smacked by even passing staff-member, often passing on purpose) afterward until all color-traces had gone,
    and the petty prison padre obtained a standing order that any fanny-flogged-fiend found 'blatantly' bare-boner-bulging be brutally bare-brat-burt-brush-bruised bountifully-beyond-black-&blue,
    so these two fell in love at first phallus-sight as fellow-spankees, deliberately repeat-offending regularly-time-coordinated, to a couple of amused spankaphile jaliers' amusement,
    but(t) when the chaplain finds out inspecting secutity-recordings, will order all four in turn starkers to suffer 'soundly-sounding' stripped-stern-scarlet-striping scourge-scorchings in the warden's office, followed by the boot for both fired former-jailers, bare-balls bootings for boners in solitary henceforth for the 'filty fornication-fond fruitcakes'!

    1. I am living for this!


  3. Matt thank you for giving us these prison drawings, I am loving them so much, I do hope their are much more to come.

  4. I love this so much. This is what fantasy spanking art is all about!!

  5. I love the prisoners but please more spoilt sporty jocks and naughty college boys

    Your art is fantastically erotic :)