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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Royale Studio - A Warning from the past

It is now at least 60 years since these pictures were taken.  When they were taken, they were totally illegal, and their very distribution, possession and, quite possibly, participation in the activities depicted, could result in criminal prosecution and lengthy jail sentences.

The photographs were produced by Royale Studios, in 1950's London at a time when homosexuality itself, let alone sadomasochistic gay erotica. was illegal, and punishable by years in prison.

It was a dark place for the producers of adult material, and one to which the current British government are again seeking to consign us, by the crafty inclusion of additional provisions relating to "unconventional practices" into proposed legislation deceptively entitled "The Digital Economy Bill"

These are pictures which were produced, circulated and owned with great difficulty and at risk of imprisonment. They hark back to a different time. yet they have a compelling eroticism which endures to this day.

If there is such a thing as a spanking community, these images, together with those produced by Bob Mizer at AGM, their American equivalent, are our heritage. These models and the men who photographed, were brave men and trail blazers, they deserve our respect, and our thanks and our resistance to those forces which are seeking to, once again make the production of images like these a punishable offence.

These Royale Studios pictures were taken over fifty years ago, yest they are compellingly erotic.


  1. Must look into this! Spanking is my sexuality and if it consensual and you are both adults what is so wrong? Beautiful photos highly erotic

  2. Thanks so much for publishing the amazing Royale selection and for your insightful commentary. The historical perspective is both fascinating and disturbing in light of current events. I've always found those Royale images unbelievably erotic. The OTK sailor photos may be the sexiest piece of m/m spanking erotica ever. But I love all the images. What is it about those shorts? And the super tight sailor pants? Thanks again.

  3. Another point about trailblazing is that some of the models were serving members of the armed forces, supplementing their low incomes. I once spent an entire day making a film of me spanking a guy before discovering he was a member of the Household Cavalry and had to get back to barracks!

  4. Bruce. Great repost of the timeless (or do I mean vintage?) Royale. But what shd we do?is there a link to a protest site?

    1. Hi Speedoric

      I don't know if there is any organised opposition to the proposals, the Guardian article I linked to mentions concerns by "Free Speech campaigners", but I think that this has mostly been happening under the radar, and most people have missed it.

      If I find out more I will post about it.

      As we know the ATVOD initiative feel apart when they attempted to impose the regulations. However, it seems they have not given up.

  5. Nice vintage stuff, worth reminiscing,
    and a serious, worriesome remark (even for us on the continent),
    both fine work once more from Bruce.

    May I just suggest to keep in mind the tags,
    which lately have rather often been missing (as here) or incomplete, even on Sting posts,
    which is a shame as there are many great ones and one likes to look them up, and might get the wrong impression when even 'Video trailers' (an obvious all-round favourite) is missing.


    1. Thanks for mentioning the tags Fastifex, I have added "Vintage" and "Royale Studios" labels to Bruce's post.

      You say that tags are missing from some Sting posts, what ones do you mean. I will try and add them



  6. Thanks for this - it is fascinating!!!

    Just how did guys who were into m/m spanking get in contact with one another and how were the pictures circulated?

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