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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sting Classic: Mr Royce PT Master

The latest Sting Classic is

Starring Brandon Junior, Tom Nuttall, Darren, John Horne and Dexter as Mr. Royce 

Memories of school days sports often include the dashing young assistant PT master (UK equivalent of Assistant Coach).  A character that was sometimes handsome looking but often muscular and fit.

Mr Royce (Dexter) is one such person and has a busy schedule running the Physical Education department at his college. He doesn’t stand for any nonsense and as an assistant housemaster too is ready to deal with any miscreants who happen to cross his path.

Caught truanting young Kennedy (Tom Nuttall) is one such culprit and is sent to Mr Royce to receive punishment. 
This he dishes out with relish and Kennedy, after a firm spanking, receives the legendary white rubber soled gym shoe, leaving his otherwise virgin white bare bottom a bright shade of red!

Next up on his list is Barnard (Brandon Junior) caught smoking, something Mr Royce detests. 

Again a good spanking is in order but then out comes a supple and spring rattan cane. This leaves a lasting effect of raw burning stripes on young Barnard’s bare backside. From now on he’s going to lead a smoke-free healthy life!

The Headmaster too is a busy man and asks his young PT assistant to deal with two insolent boys, Houson (Darren) and Miller (New Sting lad John Horne) A good spanking for the pair of them is of course in order!

After this it’s out with Mr Royce’s leather strap and the walls of the gym store begin to ring loudly to the sound of cold leather on defenceless bare skin. The effect is hot; successive bands of fire relentlessly cracking across the poor lads naked buttocks. The two lads quickly begin to learn a painful lesson from the PT master’s powerful arm.

With all this action he’s not making many friends but nevertheless its one hell of a turn on. Unfortunately Kennedy, his first victim of the week, catches Mr Royce during a moment of personal pleasure which he soon makes sure reaches the ears of the Headmaster.
This needs dealing with sensitively and the head calls in Mr Royce for a not so sensitive disciplinary hearing. The result is a good spanking for the PT assistant.

This is followed by a dose of the heads whippy cane. The PT master now has to be prepared to take his own medicine and live up to his exacting name, Mr Royce PT Master.

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  1. Thanks for the great pics. Wow, Tom N. and Darren in the same film. Mr. Junior and Mr. Horne do not cause the need for one to reach for a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, I wish a preview trailer were also included. I checked the archives but to no avail. I should have checked the Sting pictures blog before I posted this comment. I guess that means I am being lazy. Uh oh, bratty and lazy on a Saturday morning that is a dangerous combination for the sensitive gluteal region. Y'all have a great weekend!

  2. And Brandon is completely smooth, seems naturally!

  3. no preview ? :-))