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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sting: Hitting the Bottle

There is upset in the college senior dormitory when some empty beer bottles are found in the shower. Investigation quickly traces the culprits. Now some reminding of the strict standing rules regarding alcohol in college will have to be exercised!

First on the list is Hargreaves (Johannes Lars) He insists that the beer was brought in to college by Taylor but this conflicts with Taylor's statement which says it was actually Hargreaves idea in the first place. The Headmaster suspects it probably was Taylor but as Hargreaves took part, just to be sure, they will both be punished. In any event the rules have been broken by both boys!

Hargreaves is dealt with first by Mr Sharpe, the Housemaster in charge of that particular dorm. 
With his pyjamas taken down the boy goes over the masters knee for a good long spanking.

This lad has a very rounded gym trained backside and his pale bare bottom, when spanked firmly, quickly turns a stinging fiery red! Mr Sharpe's hand slaps down firmly, ensuring this badly behaved senior starts to learn a humiliating lesson in how not to bend the rules.

The next boy to be dealt with is Taylor (new StingLad Alessandro Katz) friend and cohort of Hargreaves. He too is a senior and its suspected he did in fact purchased the alcohol in the first place.

So he too will be spanked, a first for this young lad. 

However, as a prefect after he can also expect a session with the Housemaster's strap. The burning bands from this old leather persuader can really scold a lads bare bottom especially if he had just had a stinging spanking to begin with!

Video Preview

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  1. Johannes Lars needs to stop whimping out! We need to see him spanked with implements!

    1. I really don't think someone who has an arse that red is a wimp. Plus why use implements, a real man uses his hands!

  2. Indeed a real man uses his hands---
    We love Marco-- the ultimate spanker. xx :)

    1. I love him too...but would be satisfied to see both spankers (Marco and Johann) spanked yet!!!

  3. That boy Johannes looks like he was born to be spanked. His butt is so beautiful and those cheeks turn redder than a fuji apple. Give him a regulation short back and sides cut and he'd be the ultimate Sting model.