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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Unlucky Campers - Art by Jonathan

Can anyone suggest what the story might be behind this image?

Another re-sized scan of Jonathan's work - click on the image to see the full sized picture


  1. Two teenagers, Brady and Grady college freshmen, went on a camping trip. They were poorly prepared. They brought all canned food, but they forgot to bring a can opener. They smelled the breakfast of a nearby camper named Rick, who was a Park Ranger relaxing for the weekend. They tried to swipe his breakfast, but were caught.

    He told Brady and Grady that they could face charges and potential fines or jail time, or since he was off duty, they could face corporal punishment followed by a nice breakfast.

    They were so hungry and did not want to face a fine or potential jail or community service time. Both Brady and Grady experienced many a spanking and paddling at school and home while growing up. So the CP option was preferable for both.

    They were shocked when they had to agree to be tied up and spanked to tears. Obviously they were not as tough as they thought they were. Ranger Rick swatted their bottoms good and hard until they teared up, but he did deliver his promise of a nice breakfast.

    Ranger Rick asked them after the meal if they wanted dessert. Grady, the blonde answered in the affirmative. Dessert turned out to be that Brady delivered another spanking, bare bottomed using his hand, while Ranger Rick watched and masturbated. Upon completion, Brady and Grady enjoyed in mutual masturbation.

    Both of them camped with Ranger Rick during the weekend and all sorts of "Broke Back Mountain" activities occurred. Grady sat very gingerly on the way home with Brady for his rear end was so very sore in more ways than one. Yet, he had a huge smile on his face.

    1. Great story, thanks, very imaginative!

  2. I saw this Jonathan-gem posted elsewhere as "I said, don't litter",
    and MitchMen write this comment :
    The backpackers (apparently gay judging by their tent) being punished for camping or littering at a remote beauty spot is a favourite of mine not least because the armed land-owner (or warden) has tied them up. I love the chemistry of buddies being punished together, one suffers while the other anticipates. Blond and brunette pairs turn up quite often in Jonathan's pictures. The other ingredients in this picture that make it really special for me are the dinky little shorts still lying on the ground where the boys were forced to take them off. It's a classic example of clothes emphasising undressing but they look so skimpy, it makes me wonder what they looked like on the lads !

    MY OWN STORY SUGGESTION : Redneck-raw, rigid-rods-revelling Ranger Randy rarely regrets roaming the rough range, regardless of ridiculously low pay. Most days he takes proper pride in personally shooting his dinner and selling the excess for cash, without ever endangering the wildlife stock. Yet rough-edged Ranger Randy’s real reason to revel in his ranger role is rather repressive, really-Redneck: relishing to round-up Redneck or tourist ruffians roaming the range and wrecking Randy’s hunt by scaring-off game or even harming his ‘holy home’, either crime’s culprits invariably ending up utterly-upended to remorsefully receive raging Redneck Randy’s Ranger-repressive revenge, relevantly-lectured over his knee before and after the reliably-remembered real-lesson, a submissively-stripped, sightly-squirming-scoundrel-stern soundly-soundingly severely, sass-stopping switching scarlet-striping the sorrily-sore-super-sensitive-struck seat satisfactorily-scared-stiff, a sexy sight and shrill-to-subdued-sobbing-sinking sound seemingly-subtly seeming to the sirely-switching spankophile Sir the surest sign of sovereign superiority to sitting-scared, spankable squirts!

    1. That's brilliant!! Your alliterations are incredible! So clever

    2. Surely NRA member deals with 'snowflake' guys from Gays-against-guns? No US Parks Service guy would ever do this!And Fastifex:yo; been reading that snowflake Gerard Manley Hopkins again? Overmyknee boy!

  3. Set in the 1980s, Bratty college jocks in skimpy shorts tailgate a hunky local on the way to camping , he tracks them down and teaches them a quick lesson in manners :) one of my favourites , except am I right in thinking the tent has been amended?

    1. I can't say for certain, I seem to recall having seen other versions of this picture with a multi-coloured tent, but this is the version we have.

  4. why UNlucky? Those boys are LUCKY!!

  5. I wondered what happened to Jonathan , his spanking art was one of the first truely erotic things I saw as a teen in the late nineties. Has he retired? I'd like to thank him for bringing so many fantasies alive for me. He is a legend.