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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bad-Lads : Roland


Roland Furiously Spanked by older Boyfriend for spending too long on the Sun bed

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  1. 2/09/17 8:28p Jock Spank Bad-Lads Roland & Baldy
    What a sight to behold! A Big Muscled MAN is severely and Harshly Spanked on his Bare Ass by a Big Bald Man! I rarely see Men get a Spanking usually it's just Boys! The Bald Man is Muscled and Fierce he means business. I don't like the fact Roland reacts to this spanking with barely a sound! Curse, or Yell, Bawl anything. He does moan after his blistering when Baldy Fucks his sore beefy Ass! Something is wrong with the video the camera is above the action thePOV of camera is over looking the spanking! What's going on?

    1. I don't agree, I think the camerawork is just fine. But you are righjt about the bald headed older Daddy. He is hot, and he knows how to spank. I hope we see more of him.

    2. 2/11/17 9;01p Jock Spank Bad Lads Roland
      Anonymous: I disagree! I've watched the Trailer on Jock Spank and on Bad Lads. I cannot see the Spanking! All I see is Baldy I don't see him smacking his BF's Big Ass! I like the Photos they are Super! What an Ass on that Tan Body! I've adjusted the size of the screen to Med to Small. It Works then Not! Pal!

  2. Best arse ever!!!! Would love to cream on it after a tanning! Does Roland feature on any more movie's?