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Thursday, 9 February 2017

David That's Final

This is the final time David is told anything, from now on it is serious. This time he gets spanked with the small paddle OTK, in tighty whiteys and then the bare ass. Some stunning angles of this lads perfect little butt in this clip, a cracker in many ways. Of course you already know that this does not work and Saturday David pays a high price. 


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  1. doesnt get any better than this....perfect ass and perfect spanking

    1. I dunno perfect ass yes , but I prefer a little more imagination... delicious David dressed up as a Lycra clad cat burglar , caught out and swiftly spanked. Or as a spoilt soccer star in skimpy shorts getting his comeuppance. Or a rude waiter in tight fitting trousers ignoring a customer who decides enough is enough and rapidly spanks the brats ass

    2. I do SO agree with your last idea - the waiter! I love to see young waiters in buttock-hugging tight black trousers! I'm sure I'm not the only one, and I'm surprised that they don't feature more in spanking videos. The restaurant setting would offer so many potential scenarios. Any studios out there - are you listening?!

  2. Love the paddle bouncing off his perfect firm little butt cheeks

  3. WOW! Until now, I would have said that I preferred to see young David being smacked in coloured underpants as I do with any other boy. But there is no doubt that he wears white briefs equally spankably! And, of course, with such an amazingly pert, cheeky little bottom like he's got, he would, would, wouldn't he?!