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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Magic Spanking Factory: Jonathon Handcuffed and Beaten


After a three year absence Jonathon has finally returned home. He has grown since he last featured in a spanking clip and is more manly although that certainly does not detract from his good looks and heavenly bottom.
Jonathon is first given a good hand spanking over Just Magic's knee on his jeans. It is quickly apparent that the punishment really is hurting him. Three years on and he is no longer used to being beaten. 

When the jeans come down revealing his tighty whities Just Magic begins to enjoy spanking him even more. His beautifully round buttocks, perfectly silhouetted in his underpants, make such an inviting target. Simply breathtaking!!

The glow and heat of his naked globes after his undies come down show that the spanking is very much taking effect. His howling is slowly but surely increasing as is the pain in Just Magic's hand.

Stephen decides that a riding crop is the solution and orders the urchin to lay on the bed.

The crop lashes beat down on his already hurting buttocks and each lash is accompanied by poor Jonathon's pained howling. 

When he tries to protect himself from the painful strokes Stephen handcuffs his hands to the bedposts. 
His helpless, exposed and naked buttocks continue to receive stroke after stroke from the cruel riding crop. 

Just Magic finally decides that he has had enough punishment for his first visit. I uncuff him and give him some cold cream to take care of his sore and throbbing bottom......

He knows this will be the first of many more beatings which will follow. Poor Jonathon.....


Links are provided out of respect for The Magic Spanking Factory's intellectual property rights


  1. Good things come to those who wait

  2. It certainly is great to see a post from The Magic Spanking Factory and having the post feature Jonathon is like having dessert before dinner. I see have missed the MSF.

  3. HE'S ALIVE!!
    I am going to miss Jonathon's slim physique; he doesn't look as angelic. I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm sure he's just as sweet. Welcome back.

  4. Yes, he is back and there will be more to come.
    He is quite sweet and in his modest way he is also very funny.
    There will be a new clip in few days.

  5. Just great to see young Jonathan back where he belongs - over the knee!

  6. How wonderful! It would be quite enjoyable to see him squeezed in his tight schoolboy uniform now that he has bulked up... a firm pinch and twist of his ear will catupult him back into his submissive role as he is dragged over your knee for a painful spanking.

    1. Not sure if he would fit into those short school trousers.

    2. It would be fun to watch him try though!

  7. ^this. Love a twunk/hunk (not a twink) in skool uniform

  8. I like the more mature, more muscular Jonathan. Now that he is grown up and bulked up, having his ass whipped like a little kid must be even more humiliating for him.

  9. I liked this video a lot. For the next video, please have Jonathan gagged as well as bound.

  10. I also liked the tanktop undershirt (aka "wifebeater") that Jonathan wore. Muscular guys look great in wifebeaters and skimpy briefs.

  11. I am very happy to see the factory back. I have been watching Steven's videos for years and enjoyed many delightful moments and some highly erotic spanking scenes. The range of stuff this guy has done is unbelievable. I wish he would do more comic ones, I'm sure they would be bestsellers.

  12. I am pleased to hear you have enjoyed my "stuff". There have been funny moments and amusing bloopers that is true. The few comedy ones we did were great fun to make but not appreciated by all. :-) I doubt if they would be bestsellers. Perhaps I'll find a few bits and pieces and send them here to the moderators and they can decide if they are worth posting.

  13. what a nice plump ass

  14. who is this beautiful boy and how do i tell him i love him? his face is adorable and his reactions are priceless! he needs to come over to the states!

    1. I will show him your blog entry when he comes to be spanked tomorrow. It will be a very long OTK spanking for those interested.

      All of charming and handsome Jonathon's clips may be viewed here;

      All clips have nice preview :-)

      Stephen (AKA Justmagic)

  15. I'd love to see the new beefier Jonathon dishing it out to someone!