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Monday, 13 February 2017

Preview Trailer for Sting: Bad Lads 3 Part 1

Scroll down to view the video preview trailer for

Bad Lads 3 (Part 1)

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights



  1. Oh my ears and whiskers, was this not just SO worth waiting for?!!! I don't know how it's possible for a lad to get sexier and more spankable with each new film, but young Robin certainly seems to! From his handsome, impudent face to one of the pertest, cheekiest bottoms ever to grace a Sting film, this little monkey could have been sculpted by the gods just to be spanked! And wearing here the best of the contents of his pants-drawer - those beautifully-fitting navy-blue boxer-briefs (after royal-blue, my favourite colour for punishment underpants)! This has to be Robin's best appearance yet, with his spankable physique so fantastically complemented by the simplicity of his dark jeans and hoody! This video has everything I really love - boys bent over in black trousers and well-worn jeans with waistbands visible, then over the knee in coloured underpants - it doesn't get better than that - except of course if you're more into bare-bottom spankings, in which case in this video it certainly must do! Marco knows his job and does it with his usual superb vigour and thoroughness - what it must be like to get up in the morning knowing that going to work means being filmed disciplining two such eminently punishable teenage boys! Just one small thought - young Eric has a phenomenally smackable bum and I reckon that wearing a pair of slightly briefer and closer-fitting underpants like Robin's, he'd just look the cat's ass! I'd so appreciate it if he could be persuaded on another occasion!

    Thank you, Sting, to all of you - creators, film-crew, Richard, Marco and the boys for this phenomenal piece of work! I've got to say, my right hand is itching like the devil's own legion of mosquitoes have been at it! I'm glad I've actually got one of my naughty boys coming round at 7.30 to be disciplined exactly like Robin is being in that first still, so I'll be able to do something about it!!!

    1. I agree! It's another great piece of work. Robin's longer brown hair looks great! In their last Bad Lads episode, starring Robin and Eric Franke, Eric got a great spanking with his butt up over the back of a c(ouch) with tremendous close-ups! Can't wait to see part 2 of this Bad Lads. Their butts are already sore, tender and red, what next?