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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Putting the New Lieutenant in his Place - Art by (the other) Jonathan

Another re-sized scan of Jonathan's work – click on the image to see the full sized picture

Anyone want to suggest the story behind this picture?


  1. I'm no expert on naval insignia, but judging by Wikipedia our bubble butt-buddy is no officer, rather ranks merely about corporal level, possible being a marine.
    Perhaps he is no volunteer but was pressed, and given stripes on account of say literarcy, but is now held spankably responsible for his crew team's mistakes, such as failing to tell instantly who holds which rank, even though nobody aboard bothers to teach the wretched newbie knaves except by bare-bottom spankings on deck?

    1. Not sure which country's navy this is :-) the two stripes would roughly indicate he is a lieutenant, but the rest probably displays a little artistic license

  2. Cocky young officer is a little too big for his britches .... so promptly loses them, but gains a shiny red bottom?

  3. 2/06/17 11:57a Navy Sailors Action Aboard Ship Jonathan
    A Very young Sailor is stripped of his sailor pants by his Superior Officer! He blisters his Bare Ass OTK while crewman enjoy the view on deck! The Muscled Tatooed Ape is pissed at being put on report by the youngster. He always follows the strict rules of the Navy. Now this Ape Man will wish he had done the Spanking in private. The Commander will enjoy taking this Ape Man OTK for HIS punishment. He won't be able sit, stand, lie down for days! Not Sorry!

    1. Obv means to be USN. He is a Petty officer, ie an NCO

  4. The young lieutenant's attempt to pull rank on the Captain had ended as swiftly and embarrassingly as possible. He himself couldn't tell whether he was whimpering from the sting of the spanking on his naked bottom, from the emasculation of being dangled pantsless and squirming over the stronger man's knees, or at the realization that being so hopelessly outmanned had left his penis undeniably erect. Worst of all, the fellow officers he'd so cockily ordered about for the past two days had responded eagerly to the Captain's summons as the spanking commenced. All of them, to a man, were now assembled around the deck--and not to rise loyally to the lieutenant's defense, but rather to relish every moment of his public comeuppance. The crew snickered each time the Captain's hand met its bucking target, and especially when it did so with enough force to ensure the young man's helpless wriggling afforded intimate glimpses of his most private spots. Indeed, as the crew began exchanging taunting commentaries on his charms, the lieutenant realized his humiliation would not be soon forgotten. The thought of spending three more months on the ship as a figure of ridicule was almost too much to bear. And before all that, he'd first have to face the indignity of rising to his feet whenever the Captain was done with him, and trying to cover his bobbing erection as he begged his peers to stop laughing and at least give back his pants.