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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Song of the Strap - Art by Franco

New Art by Franco

And the same image with a filter

Click on the images to see the full sized picture


  1. I love a hot spankee and also the hot Spanker (who I wouldn't mind also seeing on the receiving end) Franco truly is a genius. Wonder what the story behind the spanking is?

  2. It's nice to see a handsome good looking spanker real or not! Hawt Daddy!

  3. Another great FRANCO drawing. Hope to see more of his work soon.

  4. 4/06/17 9:44p Jock Spank Song of the Strap Art Franco
    The Payback for stealing his Company from underneath him.
    The Spanking begins!
    The Suit Man exacts revenge on his former partner!
    Now the over thrown CEO is OTK and his
    Pants are pulled down.
    His Ass is Bared and the Boss pummels his Bare Ass.
    He stole the Company and nearly destroyed it.
    The Former owner will spend many a day OTK
    and Spanked on his Bare Butt.
    Justice has been Served!