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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Two Boys Spanked


Chad is a 21-year-old straight surfer boy and college student. Alec is bi and also 21. As cute as he is, Alec is also one tough guy. He's a USMC combat veteran.

Tom wanted to get Alec and Chad in for a dual video. They had never met before today, and, although Alec knew there would be another boy present, apparently Chad did not. Tom's virtually certain he told Chad in advance, but somehow Chad missed that part. Luckily, Chad is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He continues with the shoot without a word of complaint.
Tom tells them both to kneel on a sofa and makes them move in closer together. He then spanks them with an array of implements: his hand, a wooden spatula, an electric paddle, a ping pong paddle, a very long, century-old fraternity paddle, a Wartenberg wheel, a cane, a wooden spoon, a long plastic shoehorn and a hairbrush.

Video Preview


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  1. Chad Miller, you are absolutely gorgeous, front and rear! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us through your Spanking videos made at Spanking straight boys. Your 4 earlier videos made are terrific! This new release shows your beauty best. Your butt in the kneeling position looks fantastic. More, Chad, please!

    1. Chad has more great vids at

    2. I'm glad you like Chad. We plan to have him in again in the coming weeks.

    3. Great to hear, Chad is so good looking! The massage video shows off Chad's fantastic body and butt!And Bryce's vids at hotstraight are just fantastic! The sex toy, what a body in him! Great camera angles, lighting, sound, all awesome! You are really doing great work, available no where else!

  2. Wow. That ancient looking old wooden paddle being deployed looks just like the one our PE Coach used on us boys back in junior high school!

  3. It is a great piece I found on eBay. It's a fraternity paddle from a fraternity that no longer exists. All the signatures on it are from the late 1910s, and must be from boys who were either too young for WWI, or lucky enough to have made it back alive. It's a great, extremely functional paddle. I often wonder who made it and what he would think of its second life.