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Saturday, 18 March 2017

BBFC: Philip One Better

Things start out on his boxers, pulled tight by his priapic nature.  This is a lad who gets something extra out of being dominated and spanked. A nice opening with a good strapping on his boxers.



His shorts pulled down revealing his usual state of excitement. His lovely shaped smooth butt is already nicely red. The strap cracks onto his ass and in a matter of seconds Philip cannot stop himself from having an orgasm. Deciding to test his limits the spanking continues. Philips recovery time is quite impressive and its not long before he is rock hard again. The spanking is continuous and pretty soon he is in the zone. 


This second orgasm is huge and his load copious. The look on his face shows he is in a special place that he really enjoys. That wonderful mix between pleasure and pain. Spanked until he cums twice, and all in around 10 minutes shows that Philip has that something extra in a spankee and gives a spectacular clip.  


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Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. Let's hope there are enough buyers to cover the dry cleaning bill....

  2. Those shorts really do accentuate the beauty of the boy's leggies (aka thighs) Tony but ... and you know what I am going to say next ... how on earth did you keep yourself from casseroling them?! Please, please, please, slap and strap the back of the boi's thighs or send him to me and I will do it, and leave you to concentrate on cooking his rump!

  3. Whoa... I be damned. Feel the burn!!!
    That seems painful AF to me. Is it only me? :D

  4. Nice butt, nice dick, realistic spanking, result for everybody esp. Phil!! This guy is a keeper - could be really tested!! Back in the day bruvs and I got it from the old man in the barn - we'd get steel spike hard - in an effort to avoid appearing "lax" he went right to the wire with it - still remember the orgasms I had - massive!1 Something about pain & pleasure

  5. Wow! This guy is REALLY into that strap! Especially once all the nerve endings in his ass are exquisitely sensitive following the orgasm but he STILL gets excited again. VERY HOT!

  6. very very hot

  7. Priapic Philip certainly lives up to his name! Gorgeous lad too.