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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Philip has been warned and now he is for it. He has his trackies pulled down, a dangerous thing with this priapic lad as his tool bounces out wildly. A good OTK for him and he remains hard all the way through. Of course if he messes up again he is for a more serious spanking. Watch out later this week for something outstanding from Philip.

Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. Careful Tony, nearly hit you in the face. ;)

  2. haha this guy and his erection is great

  3. As a Vers spanko I rarely get hard as a Spankee , but I'm rock hard as a top. I do however get hard imagining myself being spanked. I'm quite jealous of Philip - I'd love to cum being spanked. I also prefer bottoms to be flaccid, what does everyone else say?

    1. I agree bottoms should always be flaccid but if the clip involves​ sex or there is a sexual element about the clip then I guess it doesn't matter but if we're talking about good old-fashioned spanking then there should not be no hard cock just flaccid they're not here to enjoy it they're here to be punished hard and severe very severely.

    2. 3/17/17 12:46a BFC: A Stiff One Jock Spank
      Anonymous: A Spanking w/o a Hard Dick!
      I always get Hard when I'm spanking the Man!
      The Spankee should never be Hard while being Spanked!
      When I'm watching a Manly Spanking.
      Yep! I'm Rocket Hard! To the Moon!
      The Spankee should Not be enjoying this Spanking Act nor should he get Hard!
      This is a Manly Spanking and Sexy as Hell!

  4. The Philip spankings have been very hot...a big surprise, I bet Tony enjoys his job...gulp

  5. Great erection - actually adds something to the event!! Reminds of back in the day - the old man, the barn, the lickin' - an erection was inevitable and totally ignored!!

  6. Haha! What does it say about me that whenever I was spanked as a youngster, I always got rock hard? And one or two of my naughty boys do when I'm disciplining them too...

    1. 3/18/17 7:23p Jock Spank A Stiff One
      Dr. van Spanking: As I've said before I am interested in the Spanker getting All Aroused!
      I'm Turned On while Spanking a Full Grown Man!
      No Boys Allowed!
      I wouldn't mind A grown Son Spanking His Father!