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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

CP4Men: JB Spanks Paul the Cleaner

J.B Spanks Paul The Cleaner!
J.B. Spanks returns to the apartment to find the cleaner sleeping on the job so to wake him up a good sound spanking is given. The cleaner tries to get out of his punishment by saying he's sorry but J.B is not interested! After getting his bare bottom spanking Paul the cleaner is then given an extra 10 with a nasty strap! 

Links provided to respect the intellectual property of CP4Men


  1. Yum Paul is a bit tasty , nice and tall with big butt and thighs . Also delightful as always seeing a tall hunk over the knee of a smaller spanker!

  2. this boy is so good looking. and gets a clear reminder: you are never too old or too big to get a bare bottom spanking. Besides, he looks like a naughty teenager over J.B.'s lap! Hope to see more of Paul!

  3. agreed - Paul- gorgeous love him- can we have him in just his socks, please -#gorgeous

  4. 3/14/17 8:33p Jock Spank Paul The Cleaner
    J.B. knew that Paul was not very reliable as an employee!
    So when he came back home to see Paul Sleeping at the table.
    He decided to punish him in the worse way possible!
    He's Big Tall Man but useless as a worker!
    He grabs him by His Left ear.
    Places him OTK for a Spanking.
    It didn't Hurt as much as he thought it would.
    Both Paul and Paul felt the same about this!
    It was embarrassing and humiliating to Paul
    but he allowed it to proceed!
    J.B pulled his Jeans down to Spank his Butt harder!
    Then J.B. goes gangbusters on his Shorts!
    J.B. then pulls his Shorts off and severely Spanks his Bare Ass!
    Paul is 29 years old Fit Strong at 6 Ft!
    Paul looks older with his Dark skin and Heavy Beard!
    He becomes bored easily. He never thought this would happen.
    J.B. said you need to learn how to Work Hard when you want to be Paid!
    You will learn and we will do this again if you want to be Paid!
    J.B. understand this Paul?
    Paul could barely speak.
    Yes I understand Paul responds.
    His voice was husky after Bawling for over 20 minutes!
    The Spanking continued on!

  5. Fantastic description Corriea! Thank you!

    1. 3/17/17 12:29a cp4men at Jock Spank Paul the Cleaner
      cp4men: Thanks! I couldn't just say ''Great Pics''
      I haven't even seen the Video!!
      I had to describe it through the Pics on this site.
      If it wasn't for the Great Body on Paul,
      I would not have had anything to say!

  6. nice guy, he could be my cleaner too

  7. 3/21/17 2:05p Jock Spank Edit Function
    Manager: Do you have an Edit Function
    to correct errors on my comments?

    1. Hi Corriea

      I am afraid there isn't an edit function on Blogger, but if you want to rewrite the comment I can delete the earlier one.

      They look fine to me

    2. 3/21/17 8:56p Jock Spank Ward No Edit Function
      Ward: Thanks for your reply.
      I know there is an Edit Function
      within the Preview Tab.
      This is Before the Final Publish Tab.
      I knew that I was hoping for too much.
      I'll leave the Comment as is.

  8. love your clips John