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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Father Flanagan - Art by Franco

Handsome young Father Flanagan deals firmly with a young miscreant member of his flock.

Art by Franco

The same image with a filter

Nun Story By Franco at JockSpank2

Warning: Features females spanking males

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  1. 8/25/17 2:44p Jock Spank Father Flanagan Art by Franco
    Father Flanagan Has Many Rules that Need
    to be Honored and Followed!
    Father has reasons for Watching the
    Special Section of the Library!
    Somehow some of his students had found a
    certain Book that is of a very explicit nature!
    Medical Books with detailed pictures of the
    Male/Female Anatomy have gone missing and
    then reappearing soon afterwards!
    Father Flanagan is a well respected but stern
    He's 40 Years old 6 Ft 2in Tall Wt 225
    he is very well built and athletic!
    Tall Dark and a very Handsome Man.
    He wants his Students to follow the
    rules to the letter.
    He can and will punish his Students.
    This is a Catholic College and his
    Students are older at 21 and 22!
    They should know better about the Rules!
    Gillion Cameron Senior is Tall Well Built
    came by twice he's always been a model student!
    Gillion did not have the Book in his hand.
    Father Flanagan went into the storage room.
    Something wasn't right, why was this Book and
    so easily accessed?
    Why was it taken out and brought back w/o
    anyone noticing?
    Gillion came back for a Third time with the Book!
    Father Flanagan should have asked Gillion
    but he did not do it!
    Father came rushing out of the storage room and
    he grabbed Gillion by his neck then dragged him
    over to a chair by the Book Shelves!
    Gillion had on his Altar Robe and Father
    pulled it up and over his head
    With only his Blue Briefs and
    Cut Off Tee & Socks underneath the Robe!
    Gillion knew what the Father intended to do and
    yelled at Father Flanagan!
    ''What the Fuck are Doing you Fucking Asshole!?''
    If he wondered what the Father was doing!
    Now he did!
    Gillion committed the worst Sin possible.
    He Cursed at Father Flanagan!
    Father did not respond to this outrage with words!
    Father raised his right leg across Gillon's
    thighs to hold him in place!
    Father started to pummel Gillion's Back Side
    with such force that young man blurted out..
    ''Stop It You Mother Fucking Aashole!''
    Stunned again!
    Father Grabbed his Briefs Down to Bare his Muscled Ass!
    Father Spanked the Firm Ass of his Favorite Student!
    It Seemed like an eternity that Father
    Spanked Gillion's Butt!
    Gillion was Bawling Loudly!
    Some of the other stunnedpatrons of the
    Library witnessed this scene!
    Gillion cried out to Father Flanagan!
    ''What did I Do Father?! What?!''
    Father stopped!
    He Ended the spanking and helped Gillion
    up and to get his Robe back on!
    Father led him back to his Room.
    Father had over reacted to this
    crazy Book Snatching!
    Gillion had permission to take out the Book
    because he was a Medical Student!
    Years ago Father Flanagan was punished for
    something similar!
    He deserved it!
    He wanted look at the nude Pictures!
    Father Flanagan had committed a Sin!
    He wanted to catch the Book Thief!
    And to punish him!
    Father was so aroused by the visual of
    Gillion's Bare Butt he wanted it go on!
    Father Flanagan Confessed to his Priest!
    Father was punished by the same method he
    inflicted on Gillion an OTK Bare Assed Spanking!
    Father had many new punishments in store for him!
    Father Flanagan apologized to Gillion
    and received a Spanking from him in the same Manner!
    Father Flanagan never escaped the mistake
    he had made with Gillion!