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Saturday, 22 April 2017

BBFC: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Tony from BBFC describes this video: This clip has been requested and scripted by Dr van Spanking. I think he has managed to capture just about all the requests we have had for Philip. Berated for his attitude the strap is laid on his trousers as he bends over the desk....


...But this is a warm up for a nice OTK session both on the underwear and the bare ass. Philip is told to put on the punishment shorts, these he has to keep on all day so everyone knows he has been spanked, and then finds himself standing facing the wall, hands on head and left to contemplate the error of his ways.....



...The final humiliation is that he has to bend over the desk again and this time get six of the best. This seems to have dampened his ardor and he looks very sheepish as he leaves the room. A wonderful story line and a big thank you to Dr van Spanking for a classic clip with Philip.


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Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. WOW!!! PHWOOARRR!!!! What can I say - Tony and young Philip did this for me!!! I'm just blown away! When I suggested the scenario to Tony, I had no real idea how it was going to work out but isn't it just the mother and father of boner-makers! It has all the elements I really love - a school punishment scenario, school uniform including this time Philip wearing a grey short-sleeved shirt, which I always find a massive turn-on! And then the strap and cane laid on good and hard across Philip's pert, cheeky bottom while he is made to bend over the desk! This clip is making a little bit of history in two ways - for one, it is the first time we have seen Philip get the cane, which a good number of us really wanted to see. It was Tony's idea to include it as some extra discipline he felt Philip needed - and all credit to our lad for taking it so well across an already well-strapped and well-smacked bottom! I know the deeply-biting STING! of a whippy, supple from my own schooldays, and, boy, IT HURTS!! And secondly of course, the feature which those of you who know me and are familiar with my blog will know is the element I love most of all: I'm fairly sure that this is the first time we've seen young Philip laid over the knee in a pair of coloured underpants to be spanked. He was going to be wearing the tight black briefs that he wears (albeit 'briefly' haha!) in 'Meet Philip' but for reasons that Tony explained, he wore the pair we see him in over Tony's knee. I would say that he has made a fantastic choice from the contents of what I'm sure is a superbly-stocked pants-drawer! And doesn't he wear them SO 'kin spankably!!! (further evidence, too, incidentally that the wearing of briefs is making a comeback with young lads). And the final touch of having to wear short shorts as punishment shorts so that, according tothe story, Philip's whole school will be able to see that he's had to visit the headmaster's study for a good smacked bottom! I hope BBFC's fans and especially Philip's like the scenario - but a HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU to Tony and Philip for such a phenomenally, bum-smackingly brilliant realisation of it!

  2. I love the underpants Phil! let's hope we see more of them in future films.

  3. My pleasure Doctor van Spanking, Glad you liked it :) Tony

  4. Satisfying to see Philip bend over for a good dose of the cane, just what the boy needed.