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Saturday, 15 April 2017

BBFC: Philip in Trouble

Tony from BBFC describes the clip as follows: This clip is based on a request from RJ in Australia. Philip is front of the head for being a lazy student. He looks a little brow beaten and knows things are not going to end well, Which is not quite true as he knows it is going to be his end, rear end, that things look bleak for.

Philip is told to remove his trousers and kneel on the desk, this presents his butt at just the right height. The paddle lays on a few whacks and then his white underwear is pulled down. Now we know that Philip has no control over his reactions to being spanked and it is clear that this scene has hit all the right buttons for him

The strain on his face is so good, he is trying his best not to blow his load while being paddled, buts no good he is soon having an orgasm and dumping it all over the desk. Philip said afterwards that its not his fault, he gets spanked and his dick gets hard then its all over, it just happens and theres nothing he can do, or wants to do, to stop it. The result is a nicely paddled bum and a drained spankee, can't get much better than this surely

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Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. Love Philip and love reaction to being spanked. Cant get enough of him. Next time please cane him for me please

  2. Agreed. 6 of the best

  3. I really want to see him laid over the knee in those skimpy black briefs he was wearing in a previous video, which he takes off before bending over Tony's knee for a good smacked bottom - stroking his cock, which has already hardened in anticipation of the discipline that is going to be laid on across his cheeky bare bum! And yes, I too LOVE the idea of seeing him get the cane - to watch his facial expressions as he feels the sting of a supple rattan rod across his naked buttocks and to see how long it would take caning to produce his usual, apparently involuntary, reaction...!

    1. Yes, I'd also like to see him spanked in those black briefs he was wearing. Sadly. they came off far too quickly in that video. Not all of us like straight to bare bum action. Would preferably like to see him spanked on his black school trousers, then those black briefs, then bare. 6 with the cane too.

  4. The lad clearly needs to be dealt with properly; bending over for six of the best with a whippy cane.

  5. Outstanding. Philip is awsome well done BBFC

  6. He look like he enjoys a spanking, rather he didn't.

  7. Dumping a load was always a hazard to be faced when the old man was givin' a hard lickin'!!