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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spanking Art by Franco

The brilliant artist Franco Calls this image “Spankgasm” - I wonder what he means by that!! 

Fans of Franco's FemDom images can view a Strict Aunt dealing with her naughty nephew at our back Up Blog by 



  1. 4/14/17 12:38a Jock Spank Franco Muscled Man Spanked
    The new neighbor was friendly sort.
    I had been on a short trip.
    I was beat when I got home.
    I checked my security camera.
    I saw a man prowling around my home.
    He had on a hooded mask or hat.
    The alarm had been disabled.
    He was all in black Jeans, Jacket Mask!
    I went out to the garage and checked
    the backup system.
    I saw the neighbor prepping his Grill.
    He is a good looking guy!
    I was in no mood to be friendly.
    He mentioned he had noticed I
    wasn't around for a few days.
    I Checked the Backup tapes.
    Something kept drawing me to the
    image of the burglar.
    One image became clearer.
    He could have taken Tech Devices, TV's DVD's etc.
    I enlarged the image with the Man bending over.
    I cursed myself I was staring at the Man's Ass!
    I saw a label on the Back pocket.
    It said Rivercliff.
    I've never heard of that Brand!
    I printed out bigger and brighter
    images of the Burglar.
    This M'Fucker had one muscled ass
    and I was fucking aroused!
    I went out outside and I had become
    very horny!
    I had downed three Beers!
    I brought some Cold Ones over
    to the neighbor.
    He had changed his attitude
    he became very chilly.
    I guess I was wrong about him.
    He changed his tune.
    I was getting plastered!
    I sat in one of his chairs!
    I then was blindsided!
    He had on one of my rare watches!
    I started to get up.
    My eyes were blurry!
    I saw the label On his back pocket!
    He seem to be aware that I was on to him.
    I wanted to Fuck the shit out of him!
    I wanted to Fuck him!
    He barely drank any Beer!
    I was at a loss at what to do.
    His Cell phone rang.
    He went inside his House to answer it
    I went inside and I found the
    Files on the Breakins!
    He came up behind me in the doorway.
    He had left them on his dresser!
    Odd! Crazy!
    He fumbled with his jacket.
    He had a Pistol!
    The Gun fell onto the floor!
    I pulled him onto his bed!
    He grabbed for the Gun!
    He fell down and then he got up!
    I knocked him over!
    Into the Living Room!
    I threw onto his couch!
    I had had enough!
    I pulled his Arms around twisted
    them up his back!
    I proceeded to Spank his Ass!
    I yanked his jacket up his back!
    I reached for his Belt, I unbuckled it.
    Unbutton his Jeans. Unzipped them.
    I yanked them down!
    He yelled out. ''You Fucking Faggot!''
    This Fucking Big Shit!
    He Robs me and says that!
    I Smack his Ass right through those
    thin tight shorts!
    I blistered his Ass!
    I grabbed his shorts down to his knees!
    I went at his Bare Ass with
    all the power I could muster!
    I was so Hard as I sat on the Sofa!
    I took off his Jacket, Shirt, shoes!
    I pushed him off my Lap to the floor!
    I got the Beers outside and
    brought the BBQ inside!
    I told him to lie there on
    the floor and not move!
    He had cursed me over and over again.
    His voice was harsh as he had blubbered
    all through the Bare Ass Spanking!
    I took him into his bedroom.
    I oiled his sore Ass. I stripped.
    I was Naked! I was Hard as a Rock!
    He yelled out! ''Don't Fuck Me!!''
    I climbed up onto his hard Body.
    I Humped his Muscled Butt!
    My Cock was buried in his
    Deep Dark Hairy Ass Crack!
    I humped his Ass.
    I was stunned as he
    Flexed his Ass Cheeks on my Cock!.
    He Clenched his Cheeks around my Hard Dick!
    he squeezed his Cheeks so tightly
    around my throbbing Cock!
    I wanted to stay there forever!
    I was Hot Sweaty.
    I fondled his Hot Hairy Red Ass!
    I buried my face into his Hairy Ass Crack!
    I slobbered his Hairy Crack.
    I then humped his Ass again!
    I came all over on his Ass!
    I shot a load all over his butt and back!
    I was surprised. He was humping his own Bed.
    I grabbed his hard Dick!
    He got off in my Hand!
    I took my Juice mixed it with
    his and then lubed up his Ass Manhole!
    I pressed my Cock into his Meaty Ass
    and Fucked him!
    All Night Long!

    1. Oh my! That picture certainly inspired you, and, I have to say that your writing has inspired me!!!

    2. 4/14/17 3:56a Jock Spank Franco The Neighbor
      Anonymous: Yep! That Pic by Franco stimulated
      and inspired me!
      Hoo Rah!

  2. picture by Franco is great and very dramatic---For one thing guy being spanked has strong butt---We (football players) got spanked bare by coach for something serious and he was a small guy and I a very strong guy---He spanked/paddled over his knee and other guys could see--I hated it that younger guys in locker room could see- acted like 10 year olds --It hurt a lot on a bare butt and some guys cryed and all of us were sounding like 8 yrs olds finally Going over a smaller guys lap in front of others was a big time humiliation--and then you had to thank him before leaving the gym the thought of it makes me gag after so many years---but the dramatic picture did remind me of me----(with a much less prominent butt)

    1. 4/17/17 8:08a Jock Spank Franco Strikes Again
      Anonymous: I have an interesting
      reaction to your experience years ago!
      A Big Man getting An OTK Bare Ass
      Spanking by the Coach/Phy Ed Teacher
      is a very exciting Fantasy!
      On the other hand, the Coach's/Phy Ed
      Teachers can be Tyrants!
      They don't need to have a reason
      for the Spanking.
      They just like to inflict pain,
      and humiliate the student!
      I'd like to see the Teacher get
      the same treatment!
      Hoo Rah!