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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sting: Angry Dads - Now and Then (Part 1 of 2)


From the present day then going back in time, this episode follows the fortunes of two wayward lads. Getting into trouble is one thing but seldom are the consequence's of getting caught properly thought out. That's when it all comes home to roost and inevitably harsh punishment will follow. This is Dad's way of taking care and making sure real lessons are well learned for the future.

The phone is slammed down. Ross's Dad (Johann Volny) has been speaking to his neighbour, he is as they say not a happy man. Ross (Robin Palmer) has been fighting again - well bulling in fact and his Dad has had enough! 

The boy is going to kneel on the sofa, as ordered, and take a good spanking on his bare bottom!

After this he'll be sent to the kitchen to bring back a thick wooden ferule. This is specially kept for the purpose of of dealing more severely with his oldest lad and today he'll certainly feel its burning sting! Ross is told to lie face down on the sofa, his rounded bare butt raised.

The wicked wood descends and the boy instantly feels its burning bands of fire.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow

In Part 2 Sting returns to 1900

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  1. Nice! It sure if it's just the angles but is robins ass and thighs bigger? Looking great for it!

    1. I think it is the camera angle, Robin has always had a plump little bottom, but I don't believe it has actually got any plumper.

  2. Oh my ears and whiskers, Sting has done it again! These scenarios with the beautiful, uberspankable Robin Palmer just keep on getting better! And I've got to say that while I think young Robin looks magnificent in school uniform being bent over and caned, he is at his smackable best in a modern scenario wearing a pair of coloured underpants and a T-shirt. I can't make up my mind whether those briefs are the same pair he wore in 'Bad Lads 3' - I am interested to see that they are Tommy Hilfiger underpants, a brand I am already familiar with as one of my 'naughty boys' regularly wears a good short pair of close-fitting black Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs across my knee. I love to see Robin laid over the knee to be spanked, which of course he usually is - but he does seem to have the knack, when he has to bend over, of quite unconsciously doing it in a way that puts his pert, cheeky bottom into the most favourable of positions for discipline! And in this video, he is bent over in a posture that I am sure would make the fingers of the most fanatical member of the 'no smacking' brigade ache to administer a good spanking or a hard caning across his perky little bum! There is so much I just love here, including once again the thrill of wondering what colour underpants Robin is wearing then watching him take his trousers down and seeing if I am right! And when that ruler is produced and laid on good and hard across his naked bottom, the punishment is truly mind-blowing! It is clearly stinging as it ought to, judging from the exquisitely pained expressions that darken the lad's handsome, impudent face.

    I would love a personal encounter with this little scamp! I know that some time ago Sting said that they had with regret had to call a halt to people visiting their Prague operations. A real shame! If I heard they'd changed their minds on that one, I'd be on the next plane to Prague, my formidable arsenal of 'Weapons of Ass Destruction' packed in my suitcase - along with, as a gift for my favourite naughty Sting Lad, some colourful additions to the contents of young Robin's pants-drawer!

  3. Dear Dr , i can imagine robin as a cheeky tearaway kicking a football into your garden and rudely demanding it back. Of course he is in blue soccer with white shorts and blue socks kit wearing the tightest and skimpiest bright colourful undies with the waistband showing.... you allow him into the garden. Conveniently the ball is next to a garden chair . You put your left leg on the chair. "Oh just one more thing young man" you say as you pull him by the waistband and hoist him up over your lap " a quick lesson in manners!" A rapid fire spanking and much leg kicking and gasping ensues!! Regards Robert Ambrose

    1. Oh my stars, Robert, what a scenario! Let's hope someone from Sting reads what you've said and takes the idea on board! I can just SO picture it - I'm imagining young Robin in a pair of short white nylon soccer briefs with speed vents, such as we had to wear in the 1980s - the nylon was practically transparent and you could always see what colour underpants a lad had on underneath them! I wonder what colour pants you're picturing Robin wearing? I'm sure we'd all love to hear a lot more from you! You certainly know the short way of making a cock stand on end!!!

  4. Oh I would think bright orange or royal blue! I have many scenarios around the handsome young men of sting , and spanking straight boys. I find young men these days so cocky and rude and frequently get itchy fingers when I see them in the street. I tend to prefer the tall hunky athletes but I am partial to the occasional twink like young robin! Regards Robert Ambrose

  5. Well, there's a coincidence! Royal blue happens to be my favourite colour for punishment underpants too! And I've pictured young Robin over the knee in such a pair many times! Great spanko minds clearly think alike! Regards, Dick van Spanking.