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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Sting: Bad Lads 4 (Part 1 of 2)


Two lads who should be in college have decided to bunk off, gets some beers in and play video games instead. Much more preferable to studying as far as they are concerned.

Things get out of hand and at the same time Dad (Johann Volny) walks in, back early from work. For Ross (Robin Palmer) and Peter (Tim Law) the game is up and they are caught red handed! 
There's no excuse, good money is being found to keep Ross in college and Peter doesn't want his Dad to find out he's not been attending college either. Ross's Dad decides to punish them both. They are ordered to go to the lounge.

The boys are pretty laid back thinking they are older lads now, so what, a spanking isn't going to hurt so much. Little do they know this time Ross's Dad has more that a spanking in mind. 
The trousers and pants are down now and over the knee, backsides bare, its a bit embarrassing to feel the stinging impact of Dad's angry palm. 

 The trousers and pants are down now and over the knee, backsides bare, its a bit embarrassing to feel the stinging impact of Dad's angry palm. 

He can hit pretty hard, their little bare bottom are turning red - but now, as they stand waiting and wondering why he's gone to the kitchen they will find out very soon …...
Part 2 will be posted tomorrow

the trailer will be available online at Spanking Tube shortly

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights



  1. Mmmmm looks like signs of a struggle there and a bit of attitude ... great stuff sting!

  2. OW!! WOW!! I wonder if Johan has any idea just what a LUCKY, LUCKY man he is?!!! To be able to lay those two gorgeous little rascals over his knee and tan their phenomenally pert backsides, knowing that they'll stay there for as long as he keeps spanking them!

    To paraphrase Wordsworth once again,

    'Earth hath not anything to show more fair
    Than the sight of young Robin Palmer laid over the knee in his briefs!'

    One of the most erotic moments in the trailer for me is actually when Johan takes Robin's track-suit bottoms down prior to bending him over his knee to discipline him. The camera-angle is SO perfect and Robin's cheeky bottom is beautifully framed by his close-fitting navy-blue pants!

    A seriously finger-itching MAGNUM opus! And one of the things I LOVE is that there's no messing about with punishing the boys - it's trousers down and straight over the knee in short coloured underpants for a good smacked bottom!! It ticks all my boxes and then SOME!!! Sting at its most boner-making, bum-smackingly brilliant!!! 12 out of ten, Sting!

  3. Why isn't here anybody who will spank Johann? i think he deserves it, really, believe me! He is so sexy, but imagine how more sexy he could be on the receiving end... Dave ...Please, Stings, tell us, that you have a plan to do it....

    1. I have spoken to Sting, who tell me you you should watch this space, as you never know what might happen!

      Young Mr Volny may not always be sitting so comfortably!