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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sting: Scouting For Trouble 2

Sting's latest release is

The scout hall is deserted and senior scout Barry (Adam Black) decides to have a snoop around. He's looking for more than just a bob a job, he's looking for the petty cash tin and he finds it in the Scoutmasters desk drawer. What he hadn't noticed was the Scoutmaster stealthy moving in on him to catch him in the act, which is exactly what he does!

Determined to teach the boy a lesson the Scoutmaster grabs an old Pomlazka, a bunch of willow twigs bound together usually reserved for an Easter time folklore ritual. He puts as many whacks as he can across the cheeky young scouts protruding backside before he realises its not up to the job. 

Now the boys pants come down and a thin supple switch is brought to bear instead. This thwippy stinger certainly makes an impact and leave a series of burning stripes on the now howling boys very rounded bare bottom. 

All that remains is to finish off with a good over the kneed spanking. Barry, his bottom red and scorched, is certainly going to regret his reckless actions today!

Barry is played by Adam Black

In another incident senior scout Howard (Alessandro Katz) has just arrived back in from an orienteering exercise. With the rest still out in the wilds he takes the opportunity to have a quick smoke even though, for the boys he knows, with the Scoutmaster its a big taboo. 

He's unlucky too and is puffing away as the Master walks back in! It may not have been so bad but Howard was smoking the Scoutmasters own cigarettes.

Now its time to teach Howard a lesson in health and the boy soon finds himself drawn across the Masters knee! He'll receiving sound spanking on his smooth little bare bottom but that will be just for starters! 

 Next the bench with be drawn out and laying face down Howard can expect to feel some real bands of fiery pain from the Scout leaders heavy old brown leather belt!

Alessandro Katz plays Howard

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights



  1. Adams posterior protrudes perfectly. Such a colourful breath of fresh air when Sting launches a new movie. I enjoyed every scintillating throbbing minute.

  2. Why o why does sting make the lads take their shorts and undies off instead of having them yanked halfway down the boys sexy thighs or bunched around their ankles!?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Very nice video, good lookin lads, good hard action and a sexy theme. Keep those legs spread.