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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Defiant One


Eric is a hot 19-year-old straight boy with a great body and a bad attitude. He isn't happy about doing spanking videos because he doesn't want to be dominated. To avoid the appearance of being submissive, Eric is mouthy and defiant. That results in a harder spanking and a heavily-marked butt in this video.

To bring Eric under control, Tom uses a large leather slapper, electric paddle, wooden paddle and a birch on him. The leather slapper hurts (Eric complained about it after the shoot). The paddle also hurts and has Eric reaching back multiple times to rub his butt with both hands. It is, however, the electric paddle that really commands Eric's attention. Tom has always found that the electric paddle will rattle even the most obstinate and stoic of boys.

Eric smiles and laughs some during this video, but it isn't long before the smiles are replaced with an angry countenance as his butt gets redder and redder. Tom's pretty sure Eric will continue to be defiant and stubborn every time he spanks him, and Tom's fine with that. His butt will show the wages of insolence. 

Note from JS: Tom gives Eric a hard spanking, leaving his bottom red and marked, and no doubt quite sore. However, we at JockSpank have reviewed this video and have decided that this does not go beyond the bounds of a firm and well deserved spanking.

Video Preview

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  1. WOW! Eric is SO hot, I love his defiant and arrogant attitude, and even more I love the way his attitude begins to change in direct proportion to the sting in his butt! HA HA!!

  2. yes very cute indeed- and I love the way he says no- but is then made to submit and say yes, sir... but boy is he cute

  3. I really love to see some tears in these videos, is my favorite site but i feel they should punish the boys harder

  4. Love watching a cocky straight boy get his ass busted. Let's hope he's back for more and gets a thoroughly blistered butt all over again!

  5. That is just about the hottest grimace I've ever seen on the face of a sorry spankee.

  6. Eric is super-cute, he has a great ass and a gorgeous smile!
    We need to see much more of him!!!