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Saturday, 6 May 2017

BBFC: Philip Never Learns - at the New JockSpank Blog

Philip Never learns, and he is in trouble again at BBFC . To comply with Bloggers change to its terms of service, the full set of pictures have been been posted to the new JockSpank blog.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my ears and whiskers!! Every time I see a clip of young Philip getting his pert, cheeky bottom smacked, it just seems to get better and better! I’m glad he never learns – if that means we’re going to see more of him being spanked! It’s interesting with boys how different pairs of their trousers can make their bottoms look more spankable than others and there’s no doubt that the shorts Philip has on in this clip hug his naughty bottom with amazing smackableness as he bends over the desk to be disciplined with Tony’s paddle! And then, when he has to take them off – PHWOOARRR!!! Any other words simply fail me!! WOW!!! I’m thrilled, proud, honoured and gobsmacked to have made a small contribution here: the navy-blue briefs Philip is wearing were a present from me, along with an airforce-blue pair. The airforce-blue ones have a special poignancy for me because I was wearing a pair exactly like them when I received my first ever caning as a fourteen year-old schoolboy, bent over my old headmaster's desk! Boy, that brings back memories - four searing strokes! I'd never known anything so painful! I guess I felt some mild disappointment that I didn’t have the traditional ‘six of the best’ to show off about, but I digress! The briefs were, as I say, a present for Philip for the sterling job he did in the role of a naughty schoolboy (which he plays so well!) in Just what the Doctor ordered. And did he not do well there – taking a hell of a punishment that consisted of the best part of a thousand smacks, over a hundred of those over the seat of his trousers with the strap, then 300 odd on his underpants and 400+ on the bare bottom – finally taking six hard strokes of the cane across the naked bum too! He deserved something after a smacked bottom like that and as boys always need underwear the briefs seemed a perfect gift for him. I wish, too, that I had been able to give the same ‘natural’ involuntary reaction to being smacked as Philip does quite regularly! The combined sensation of the sting of spanking with the ecstatic shuddering that accompanies ejaculation – oh my stars and moon! It only ever happened to me once. I was being spanked, laid over my guardian’s knee – long story but I was naked apart from a pair of black speedos. The combined sensations caused by the delicious embarrassment of being laid over the knee at 18 (yes, I was still getting smacked at that age!), the spanking and the constricting nylon swimbriefs around my lower regions just were too much for me! I shot my load – copiously - all over Uncle’s lap! It resulted in the hiding of my life with his heavy leather belt, but, although it wasn’t the last time he tanned my backside good and hard, he never laid me over his knee again! Maybe part of me deep down regrets that, haha… Sorry, carried away again down Memory Lane! Another resounding “WELL DONE!!!” to the FANTASTIC team that is Tony and young Philip! I hope we can look forward to saying it many more times!!! Dick van Spanking.