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Thursday, 18 May 2017

BBFC: Philip OTK - Posted to the New JockSpank Blog

The pictures from the new update from British Boys “Philip OTK” have been posted to the new JockSpank blog.-

1 comment:

  1. Those of you who have read the Billy Bunter stories will be familiar with such phrases as ' "Oh, my only summer hat!" ejaculated Bob Cherry'. Well, that's exactly what I felt when I saw these fabulous pics (Bob's sentiment, that is - the ejaculation came later, so to speak...)! This clip seriously ticks all my boxes - a slender young lad laid over the knee, tight tracksuit-bottoms, coloured briefs and spanking with an implement, beautifully reddening the boy's bottom! Every time I see Tony spanking young Philip's pert, cheeky little bum, I think "How can it possibly get any better?!" And then - well it just does!! A particular detail that helps MAKE this video for me is the briefs Philip is wearing. I've probably said it before in one of my comments, but airforce-blue slip briefs have a special significance for me, since I was wearing a pair (that looked exactly like Philip's) when I got my first ever school caning - four of the VERY best, bent over the headmaster's desk! I didn't have my trousers taken down, but if I had done, I hope I'd have worn my briefs as spankably as Philip wears his!

    If Tony wasn't, for me, already up there with the Masters like Richard O'Shea and Co, Just Magic and Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked, these clips with Philip would put him very firmly up there with them! As for Priapic Philip, he deserves to take his place in the starry firmament of spanked lads alongside such shining heavenly bodies (in more ways than one!) as Tigger, Brett Stevens, Aaron Alton, Jonathan, Dom of Straight Lads Spanked and Robin Palmer! To cite but a few! I would be hard put to it to name a favourite spanking duo, but this phenomenal team of Tony and Philip would be among my strongest candidates! Well done, young Philip, for all the smarting pain you take for the sake of our most enormous pleasure! And Tony - you seem to have that extraordinary gift of leaving a lad wanting more! Keep spanking!!!