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Saturday, 13 May 2017

CP4Men - Tyler in Trouble (Posted to the new JockSpank Blog)

Even BIG boys need spanking! Tyler's in trouble! The Pictures and preview video for Tyler in Trouble! Have been posted to the new JockSpank blog.



  1. Love love love seeing this super tall hunk being put over a much smaller mans knee! Would love to see him manhandled and wedgied too!

  2. 5/14/17 12:36p Jock Spank ''Tyler in Trouble'' CP4Men
    Tyler has had good life!
    The Powers That Be have given him a Strong Muscled Body.
    His HT: 6 Ft 5 Inches WT: 240 Pds.
    He is 27 and has Mature Features for his age.
    He is a very Handsome Man!
    Tall Solid Long Muscled Legs!
    Tyler has played every conceivable Sport available.
    He is a Power House!
    It was hard for to him to make friends
    or even get along with other Team Mates!
    For some reason the jealousy towards Tyler
    had increased to a Fever Pitch.
    In every game the Players complain about his
    attitude, his aloofness, worse yet that
    he's Not a Team Player!
    The penalties and infraction mounted up.
    Tyler then started to play Hard Ball!
    He knew that this team would not play
    well w/o him in the line up!
    So he decided he was Not to try so hard!
    He filed complaints against other Players,
    Coaches, Referees!
    He played their nasty game and it had
    the effect he wanted.
    The complaints suddenly disappeared!
    Go-along-to-Get-Along attitude!
    It Failed!
    All Bullshit!
    Most of the Team just took advantage of him.
    In College it was much different!
    He had so much to do and he did it well.
    Many of the older students were as Big as him!
    He discovered that they needed him.
    Sex was the one thing they wanted!
    Tyler had an inclination wanted a lot more!
    So Did He!
    They wanted Sex they were quite physical about it!
    He fought back!
    That didn't stop them!
    Older Students, Coaches some were playful and other were mean.
    Just like High School!
    He got Spanked a lot in the Locker Room!
    Tyler retaliated but his sheer power was too much!
    He Spanked them Harshly!
    Tyler was very Hard!
    They started it and Tyler wanted it to continue!
    Tyler's Coach took him in hand and Spanked his
    Bare Ass Beet Red!
    He was in tears!
    This Coach was only about 28 just 10 years
    older than Tyler!.
    They had gotten along well.
    The Coach was Tall Fit Good looking!
    Tyler was shocked!
    He swore the Coach had a Hard On!
    This changed everything in College.
    Older students 21/22 Juniors/Seniors who
    had witnessed both Spankings.
    Pictures were taken!
    Tyler made plans to make up a story
    about the Senior he Spanked.
    It went nowhere.
    Tyler had extreme fantasies just
    like his Mates!
    Tyler had them also but Not if it
    was done to Him!
    Yeah sure!
    In the Dinkytown area of the
    College where he had an Apt.
    Tyler put on old faded jeans ripped
    and torn, a Black Leather Jacket Boots.
    A Black belt that hung down to his crotch.
    He must have known how he looked as he walked along
    the street with his swaggering butt!
    Tyler didn't!
    Tyler's Ass was Muscled it Flexed, his wide
    cheeks quivered as he strutted down the street!
    He didn't sleep well so he went out to the first Bar.
    Inside the Dark Bar.
    He rubbed his crotch his Dick stirred and woke up!
    This was what he was looking for and didn't realize it!?
    Big Muscled Apes were playing Pool
    and Hot Men were sitting at the Bar.
    Within a few minutes after ordering a Beer
    the bartender handed him 2 more Beers!
    What? WTF?
    Tyler was gobsmacked!
    Guys kept coming by to Shoot the Bull!
    Then some stud sat next to him and
    fingered the hole in Tyler's jeans!
    Tyler had already was aroused staring
    at all these Beefy Men!
    It was very dark in the Bar.
    The Man got up walked towards the restroom.
    Tyler followed he went out on a Backyard Patio.
    He sat down at a table.
    Tyler reached up took off the
    guy's baseball cap.
    Tyler was shocked.
    It was the Senior who he had Spanked
    after he got a Whooping from him!
    This was Nine years ago and Tyler had
    gotten a Fierce Bare Ass Spanking from Quint.
    He fucked Tyler raw!
    Now that he's a Pro-Athlete he has
    his Bare Ass spanked
    on a regular basis after he Spanks
    them with equal force.
    Tyler got it on with the Coach 4 years
    later after he had more seasoning!
    This is what he wanted all along!

    1. WOW! Corriea, That's incredible

      Clearly Tyler inspired your creative talent!

    2. 5/15/17 8:17a Jock Spank Tyler Spanked CP4M
      Ward: Thanks for the nice words.
      I had a moment of insanity!
      It all begins with those Great Pics and the Brief Teaser for the Film.
      That Gigantic Man, Tyler he is just an incredible looking man!
      Your system limits the number of characters I can use.
      I have no idea how long the Post will become until it's approved!
      I had to Edit it way down not knowing when I'd be able to Publish it!
      I was Beat!
      I'd like to have Tyler over for some little Comfort and Fun!
      Are you the Official Approval Person?
      Interesting Job!

    3. Ahh.... ok then

    4. 12/16/17 10:14p Jock Spank Tyler
      Anonymous: Don't Talk So Much!