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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Jonathon gets a "Very Red Bum" - Posted to the New JockSpank Blog

Jonathon gets (another) well deserved “Very Red Bum” from Stephen at the Magic Spanking Factory. The (unpixolated) photos and video preview have been posted to the new JockSpank blog


  1. Jonathon is looking fantastic in this. That bottom was created to be spanked every day.

    Please put him over your knee and give him a hand spanking or the slipper next time, not the belt, it's too severe.

    1. Too severe? You have to be joking? Did you see what the urchin did to my car!

      There is a hand spanking film from Jonathon coming at the weekend.

    2. Can't wait to see that :) Poor Jonathon can certainly take a beating

    3. I don't think the belt is too severe. Jonathon is a big lad now: he can handle it. (Besides, as Stephen says, whether he likes it or not he deserved all he got!) Look at them in the picture there: the size of Jonathon bent over the table in his jeans, compared with the size of the belt that Stephen is using. I don't think Jonathon need have any worries there - especially when some of it is over his jeans!

      Jonathan is indeed looking fantastic these days, both when he's naked and in those nice-fitting jeans that he wears.

      Any chance of us now seeing Jonathon giving someone else a good hiding? He's done it in the past, and I bet he can deliver a good stinger now. Perhaps when the other lads at the Factory see the fit-looking Jonathon of today they're all too scared to try!

  2. I bet he wasn't able to sit down after that!

    Good thing too, the naughty boy deserved it!

  3. I love these videos; keep 'em coming! (Without damage to your car, of course.)
    I think that it would be interesting to see the healing process. How comfortably can he sit in a chair afterwards? Also, he should have to sit on something, like an itchy fabric, after the spanking. I'm curious about the aftermath of the spankings.

  4. Great to see that Jonathon is back after so long!! :-)

    Stephen, is there any chance at all that you'll be doing new videos of him in his old school shorts? Or those little green shorts with the green socks?

  5. Why do I have a huge crush on someone that I've never met? I'm attracted to Jonathon, even though he's a stranger! There's something about him that's so...endearing? For all I know, he could be a rude individual in real life. Yet, I'm wondering if he has a girlfriend! He's mesmerizing. As always, this was a great video!