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Monday, 15 May 2017

Never Been Punished before - Posted to the new JockSpank blog

Dirk had never been punished before - until he visited the Magic Spanking Factory:   The pictures from Never Been Punished Before have been posted to the new JockSpank blog.-


  1. How does the magic man find these guys? I have been following his videos for about ten years and there is never a dud among them.

    1. I think it has something to do with my enormous penis.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your Anonymous correspondent. Just Magic does seem to have a genuine magic touch when it comes to finding beautiful and eminently spankable young men for his fabulous films! Such handsome looks! Such perfect physiques! And SUCH pert, smackable bottoms and slappable legs! This clip just ticks so many of my boxes! First, a good and very thorough whipping across the back, which is something we don't often see on Jock Spank (no criticism, at all, JS!). If any of you spankers out there have not tried flogging a boy's bare back, give it a go: it can be a major turn-on! Now, I usually require a boy, if he is to have his back whipped, to strip to his underpants and stand with his hands against the wall and his bottom sticking out. This is because I alternate the strokes across his back with lashes across his bum - so I want his buttocks in a good position. I find it fascinating that Magic has started on young Dirk's back while the lad is bent over the table - a brilliant psychological move because any boy knows that the reason for making him bend over is to have his bottom positioned for corporal punishment. The back-whipping gives Dirk plenty of time to anticipate where the smacks are going to fall next! In future, when I flog a boy's back, I am going to make him bend over - so thanks for a great tip, Magic! And then of course, we have a fantastically pert, cheeky little bottom and beautifully taut trousers. Like Just Magic, I couldn't believe those short shorts! Properly short like a boy's shorts should be, not these ridiculous long baggy 'shorts' that lads wear so much nowadays! Just wonderful, too, that they are made of nylon - there is something so deliciously kinky about artificial fibre shorts and briefs! It is interesting that Dirk must have worn them deliberately, having presumably picked up on JM's love of spanking boys in short shorts while watching some of his film clips. And I must say it's a love I share and one my own naughty boys like to indulge when they come to me to be smacked! And then of course, we have the very short and tight coloured boxer briefs - and by Calvin Klein, purveyor of phenomenally spankable boys' underpants! By the time I saw what young Dirk was wearing under his shorts I had a boner that was actually starting to hurt, so I am afraid I had to do something about it...

    One thing would have ticked a final box for me and that is if Magic had laid Dirk over his knee to give him that final spanking. But doubtless he had his reasons for not doing. I would not presume to tell one of the Masters of the spanking movie what to put in his films - it is a purely personal point-of-view based on sheer personal bias. However, I really do hope that this young man will be paying another visit to the Magic Spanking Factory and that the next time he gets smacked he'll be laid over the knee!

    1. Well, what can I say! I am delighted of course that you enjoyed the clip and I am sure Dirk will also be very pleased when he reads your comments.

      We will be making another clip this week and he will be well and truly spanked otk in this one.

    2. I shall look forward to that IMMENSELY! I'm so glad the lad is coming back! You obviously have that gift for leaving a boy wanting more, Stephen...!