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Saturday, 20 May 2017

"Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home" - PhotoShopped by Mark (Part 1 of 2) at the new JockSpank

Click the link below to see the full picture

CLICK HERE to view part one of Mark's great new series of pictures


  1. Hairy boys are the best

  2. Sad I know, but it really makes my day when I see that there is a fresh set of your pictures on Jockspank I am sure I say this for the whole gay community, a Massive Thank you Is there a site I can go to that contains all your sets,? as I am pretty new to finding your work, & would be excellent to have them all. (it may be that the site is obvious, but I am dyslexic & sometimes ‘overlook’ some pointers.

  3. I’m not normally into this Photoshop stuff but some of these pictures are really hot especially the guy in the black hat and the guy with his hands covering his face on the sofa… It’s the humiliation effect – it works wonders!

  4. I do appreciate Mark's work. I look forward to the calendars in January. From this set, my favorite is the bicyclist. I do enjoy the photos that have a Christmas theme. I think I know why. When I was twelve, my cousin, who is the same age, was being totally obnoxious. We were about to eat dinner at my grandmother's house. There were like ten of us. Finally, my uncle had it with my cousin, Scott. He disappeared in the kitchen and came back with this rather large wooden spatula that I believe came from Waccamaw. Waccabutt is what he did with it. I thought he would take my cousin away to a bedroom or bathroom. My uncle snatched Scott by the arm and like he had super powers or something had my cousin OTK in his JCPenney tighty whities in no time. Then he must have given him about twenty really hard and really loud swats with the spatula. I couldn't believe the thing did not break the way it was bouncing off Scott's briefs clad butt. When my uncle finished, my cousin was bawling like crazy. Scott talked tough, but he was all talk. I remember my uncle saying to Scott as he scampered to the bathroom to regain his composure, "Keep acting like that during dinner, and you'll get some more of this for dessert." I so wanted to laugh but did not dare. We had a smoked ham on the table, a smoked ham sobbing away in the bathroom, and I do not need or want my own ham smoked. But, I have laughed about it plenty since then--cousin Scott not so much. I guess that I should be ashamed of myself.