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Friday, 30 June 2017

More Punishment for Lukas Liz and Michal at the New JockSpank

Those two unlucky straight guys, Lukas Liz and Michal, receive some more foot and bottom punishment at East Europe boys.



  1. The tender soles of King Michal's feet get royally assaulted by the master, Alessandro, in this magnificent new clip. King Michal is so handsome and his hair is so beautiful. Alessandro puts him in the wheelbarrow over the c(ouch) for a terrific pounding. The Prince Lukas Liz, the East Europe model with the royal butt, stands by watching in horror, he's next in part 2!2017 is half over, here are my favorite clips: 1) East Europe, Kuba SM Spanking pt. 2. This is a fantastic clip! Alessandro goes all out and gives Kuba SM, the onederful one, a torture wheelbarrow! Unrelenting swats, harder and harder, protests, begging, collapsing in agony. Terrific camera and audio. Kuba SM's beautiful butt becomes stiff, erect and glowing red at the end! Treat yourself! 2)Liam, SpankingCentral, Dad's Weekly Spanking, Liam is so gorgeous, he never looked so awesome as in this clip. Liam's reactions, groans and butt clenching are all to die for. Also, Liam in Discipline For Men is terrific. Liam has the "Eddie (he is so missed!) butt clenching routine"down pat! 3) Spanking Straight Lads, John in "Bubble Bath Blues," John is so handsome, what a body and great clothing. Anything John is terrific. More. please! 4) Magic Spanking Factory, Thai Boy is so gorgeous and the whacks get pretty hard. Also the latest Sputnik clip is great! 5) Spanking Straight Boys, anything Chad Miller is in, he is so hot, so gorgeous! What are your favorites?

  2. I have been a big King Michal fan for 5 years. Recently, last summer, he and the Prince, Lukas Liz, (the East Europe model with the royal butt,) starred in a magnificent 4 part, 80 minute drama opus. The Master, Alyessandro, laid both of them out face down on a bed and taking turns, he beat them with the quirt. This is a very painful spanking weapon and each stroke really hurt bad both the Prince and the King. You can imagine over 80 minutes how many times each royal star was hit. At the end of pt. 3, King Michal, lying face down on top of the Prince, looking so awesomelyu handsome and beautiful, starts crying, Alyessandro hurts the King so bad. Michal looks so beautiful, his haircut is just right, it is so sad, gripping, so swell done. I can only hope for more of this fantastic action!