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Friday, 16 June 2017

Muscle Boys in Trouble at the New JockSpank Blog

At East Europe Boys Coach has brought two muscular young lads to the Master for punishment.


  1. Great outstanding premium models wow!

  2. Lukas Liz and Michal Part 3, added at on 8/4/16 is magnificent! I just found it. Part of a 4 part, 80 minute + very painful Spanking ordeal. Both the Prince, Lulas Liz and King Michal, are laid naked on a bed and the swatting starts on both. Each stroke by the Master is very painful. By the end of Part 3, King Michal is crying miserably. There are exquisite close ups of the King's face! I will treasure this 4 part series forever!

    1. Yes his work is just magnificent. I'm such a fan of his clips he really pushes the guys and gets them in the most intimate positions, I'm in all of his work. It's erotic as well as being serious it's amazing really. :) X

  3. How does he find such insanely hot muscly boys to seriously spank?

  4. There is something quite alluring about seeing young muscular guys being spanked. At my gym I see these loud, cocky straight muscle boys in their skimpy vests, backward caps and skintight pants and their glorious bubble butts. I would love to line them up with their hand on their heads and their pants around their ankles before putting them one by one over my knee!

  5. To JB: I regret that your earlier comment was not approved because it would have been exploited by someone who is currently pursuing a campaign of vilification against this blog and also against the other Studio you referred to.