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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Owning Owen - At the New JockSpank Blog

Handsome Straight Boy Owen gets owned in his hardest spanking yet


  1. Love the title of this video. I very much enjoy thinking about 'owning' the many handsome straight boys in my town , in particular a forced public spanking. And how embarrassing it would be for them to be suddenly bent over and spanked by a much older man, followed by a bit of nipple play, ball grabbing and a forced handjob Regards Robert Ambrose

    1. I agree. It's fun imagining a time set in the 1950's, when college boys had a clean sharp naive Norman Rockwell kind of innocence. Imagine a group of incredibly handsome, boyish, muscular young college boys who push a fraternity prank too far, waaay too far, and end up causing costly damage to the college. The dean makes a deal with them: Either they get expelled and lose their tuition, or they can stay in school but must agree to be owned by a strict, old disciplinarian for an entire year. They all reluctantly agree to the latter. Basically all they are allowed to do is attend their classes and then immediately return to their disciplinarian's house, who spanks them every day in various degrees of intensity and keeps them busy with corner time and other humiliating tasks. Sometimes you'd see several guys being dragged home from college by their ears by their new guardians with a paddle in the other hand. They wouldn't be allowed to have girlfriends or attend classes with other girls. They would be put into humiliating tight schoolboy uniforms much too small for them. Sitting down would always be uncomfortable, and they would be led almost everywhere by their ears. They would be totally owned.

  2. What a delightful imagination you have! Perhaps a pair of hunky Aussie school boys in skimpy tight shorts taunting an old man who delivers a couple of swift kicks to their bulging private before pulling each over a knee for a rapid spanking as their long legs kick and they punch the ground in agony... of course they would be dragged off by the ear for further punishment! Regards Robert

  3. WOW Owen is so hot, it is a real turn on to watch him get his cute butt spanked. Where does Spanking Straight boys find such gorgeous guys?

  4. Glad you all like him. I find them wherever I can, and I am always looking.