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Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Sting of the Jungle at Sore Bottomed Guys

We don't do fiction on JockSpank, but fans of Bruce's photo-manip illustrated fiction might enjoy the latest instalment of of the ongoing saga “The Sting og The Jungle” at the Sore Bottomed Guys Blog

Warning Sore Bottomed Guys does not only feature spanking

Male Spanking Art by Franco

Don't Dad Please!!

Another Hot M/M Domestic spanking scene by the Artist Franco

I don't know what this young man has done, but Dad sure seems intent on punishing him for it!!

Also posted to the New JockSpank Blog

Sting CFNM: Miss Steele

The latest Sting CFNM video is Miss Steele, featuring Robin Palmer, Kurt Maddox and Judy Steele, the video preview and photos can be viewed at the Sting CFNM blog
WARNING: Sting CFNM features young males being spanked and disciplined by Strict Females

Saturday, 25 November 2017

PhotoShopped by Mark - The Illustrated History of the Discipline of Young Men (Part 4)

Mark's illustrated exploration of the
History of the Discipline of Young Men
Continues, with another journey through time and space.

We Start by going back thousands of years to see the Judgement of Solomon, followed and unfortunate episode during the Crusades then forward a few hundred years to Plymouth Colony, back to England for the the Oxford College days of the young gentry, before we fly back across the Atlantic to the American Jazz Age and Chicago mob Justice of the 1930's. Still in the 1930's we visit an Ohio Reformatory before ending up before ending up with the discipline of US troops during World War II.

As always Mark combines superb artistry, with a wicked imagination, hilarious humour, and in this case a commendable knowledge of history.

Click on the images to see the full sized pictures

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Spanking Art by Franco

How embarrassing, getting a bare ass spanking while your best buddy watches!!

Spanking Art by Franco

Also posted to the New JockSpank blog

BBFC: Cal Pays a Bill

BBFC: Cal Pays a bill - the painful way, with a spanking!

Saturday Spankables

It's Saturday and the Spankables are waiting for you at the new blog

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Sting Male Spanking Special: Tale From The Headmaster's Study 3 - The Bike Thief

The latest Sting Male Spanking Special is Tales from the Headmaster's Study 3 – The Bike Thief Starring Damien Drake and Marco in an early sore bottom role

BBFC: Ricky Boxers


BBFC: Ricky has been due a spanking and he gets it, starting on his boxers!!

Sunday, 12 November 2017