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Monday, 26 March 2018

New M/m and F/m Spanking art by Franco

The Detectives
(click on the image to see the full sized picture)

In this new work by Franco, two detectives interrogate a young crime suspect, and seem intent on obtaining a confession. Something about both the men's expressions tells me that the young hoodlum's questioning will not be over for some time.

Click on the Read More tab below to see one of Franco's new Fen Dom images. WARNING: Franco's FemDom work features young males being disciplined by strict women

Please Make Her Stop!”
(click on the image to see the full sized picture)

Who is this woman, and why is she spanking this young man, is she his grandmother or his employer, the image invites different fantasies


  1. 3/26/18 2:11p Jock Spank The Detectives Franco
    The Two Handsome Detectives are enjoying the
    sight of a Naked Teen Bare Assed OTK
    and receiving a Very Hard Spanking!
    The Perp is Way too Young and Small
    for this to be exciting!
    The Kid sure does enjoy touching, and
    feeling the Hunky Cops crotch!
    Is he aroused?
    My erotic idea would be One or Both of the
    Detectives are given a Bare Assed Spanking!

  2. 3/26/18 2:24p Jock Spank ''Please Make Her Stop'' Franco
    What a Freakin' Ugly Old Waxy Crone!
    How does ''She'' get the Kid Stripped Naked
    and OTK so easily?!
    No excitement here!
    Can't see the Kid very well!
    Nice Ass though and Face is hidden somewhat!

  3. Franco is very talented

  4. More great artwork from FRANCO..