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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Straight Lads Spanked (Part 3 of 4) : Marco Handsome Banker Spanked and Humiliated


  1. Marco has to be one of the hottest models ever seen in a spanking film, please tell me he will be back!! Hopefully in rugby or footy kit!

  2. i agree.. in just his socks..woof

  3. I have to agree he is very handsome - looks like these straight hotties you see on instagram that like to show of their bubble butts to tease us gay guys!!!!

  4. I agree with all of the above comments. The full clip is super hot. Marco has a perfect body and one of the most beautiful butts I've ever seen. Another great discovery by Dave at Straight Lads Spanked.

  5. Wow he’s lovely isn’t he?! And looks as though he can give a good performance. I love seeing hunks in tight fitting suit trousers so I hope he comes back in a suit, he is a banker after all :) one thing that would be good would to have a VOD option for those who just want to watch certain videos and not subscribe?


    1. I understand that the videos are available on Clips4Sale, although they are usually not posted there until a month or so after they are on the website, so that subscribers get the advantage of seeing the​m​ first.

      The links to the Clips4sa​l​e site is at the bottom of the posting on the new JockSpank

  6. Thank you I didn’t realise that

  7. This is the type of young man I love seeing getting his well deserved comeuppance! Handsome , cocky, athletic and with a gorgeous bottom. I think men in their mid twenties to mid thirties are the most spankable. They think they are far too old to be spanked - I think not! I would put him in the tightest short school shorts, with a tie, blazer and cap and walk him around by the ear! Any infractions- right across my knee he goes. He would also look good as a cocky spandex clad super hero - wedgied and wheelbarrowed by a cunning old super villain! SPANK SPANK ooh oh please stop SPANK! Regards Robert Ambrose

  8. And maybe given the slipper, hard! ?

  9. If he had been given a good tanning with the wife's hairbrush that would have been super hot!