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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Franco Spanking Art: Mr Smyth

It’s not a good idea to call your teacher a dickhead…..As this lad is discovering!.


  1. Some years back my old man had given me a right thrashing - made the mistake of calling him a dickhead - it wa smuttered under my breath but he heard!! Wasn't the brightest idea I ever had - without getting a chance to recover I got anither thrashing there and then!!

    1. Expected sympathy when I called on Granddad telling him "My f***ing Dad just leathered my arse!" Also not a bright idea as Granddad did not approve of bad language and he was soon feeling his belt across my already blistered cheeks.

  2. Franco is an erotic genius I love his work. With Jonathan retired and Spyrte awol he is the last of my 3 favourite spanking artists still producing work. All have cocky bubble butt hunks getting their asses spanked - my biggest turn on. It’s very much appreciated and long may it continue! (Ps Mark and Matt should also get an honourable mention too just wish they posted more)

  3. Wow! Franco nails it. He can hammer better than other artists on our theme. He can hammer out a warning!

  4. As usual,another great drawing from FRANCO who by the way is one of the BEST artists around depicting spanking of males. Lets see more of his work soon.

  5. You can keep your tiny twinks , this is the kind of body type I like to see spanked. Franco, google David Torres and Alum Wernick on instagram I think u would like to spank them! Likes to tease us gays in short shorts with asses and thighs sculpted by the gods.