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Saturday, 21 July 2018

BBFC: Cal Suited

BBFC: Cal paddled wearing his work clothes

1 comment:

  1. Cal is a handsome, muscular fellow, and he looks great in those tight blue briefs. I too would love to see him spanked OTK - first in his suit, then for a on the seat of his briefs , and finally on his bare butt. (The suit-spanking scene should be relatively short, while the briefs-spanking and bare-butt-spanking scenes should be much longer.)

    However, this video suffers from a problem endemic to so many of the British Boys Fetish Club videos - restrained performances by both the spanker and the spankee. Tony, who is the spanker in this video (and BBFC co-owner, I believe) never spanks his victims very hard. As they are not spanked very hard, the spankees in turn respond in a rather stoic manner to their punishment.

    Cal has been spanked in a number of BBFC videos, and in some of them (when he was being spanked by Craig) he responded in a splendily animated fashion. (In one video Cal was spanked in a dream fantasy by his "little brother" Mik. He responded in an amusing, semi-demonstrative manner.) However, when being spanked by mild-mannered Tony in this video, Cal is stoic.

    If Craig can be cast in the role of spanker, and he gives a really hard OTK spanking to Cal, and Cal responds with lots of squirming, kicking, grimacing, grunting, and yelping, BBFC will have a best-seller on his hands. Seeing Cal spanked in those tight blue briefs and on his firm, spankable bare butt would be frosting on the cake.