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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Pizza Boy: Spanking Art By Matt

This absent minded pizza boy won't be screwing up orders again anytime soon.

Spanking Art by Matt


  1. Very very very hot!

  2. Great drawing. Does Matt have other spanking art? This one is fantastic. Thanks for posting.

  3. Would love to have seen the cocky attitude before and the corner time after , wonderfully drawn.

  4. I think this is quite sad because as a pizza boy I can't imagine he makes that much money but to beat him up this is a picture of true sadness very heart-wrenching for me.

  5. Sorry to hear that you find this upsetting but this drawing was in no way meant to depict a poor unfortunate person being beaten. (In my mind) the good-looking young man is probably cocky and doesn't care too much about his job. From the look of his physique he might be on the high school football team and his parent's probably made him get that pizza delivery job to strengthen his work ethic or for some other punitive reason. He puts such little effort into his job by eating the pizzas he's supposed to deliver, arriving over an hour late, intentionally screwing up orders etc., but this time he picked the wrong customer to mess with. The older gentleman decided what this boy needed was a firm hand.