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Monday, 24 September 2018

An Interview with Jonathon

Thanks to everyone who asked questions.  These have now been referred to Stephen and Jonathon.

The period for asking questions is now over, and the comment section is now closed to further comments. 

Interview with Jonathon

Justmagic is planning on conducting an interview with Jonathon, the owner of the most spanked bottom at the Magic Spanking Factory. If you would like to suggest a question for Stephen to ask Jonathan please leave your question as a comment in the comments section below this posting.


  1. What was your spanking experience before to meet Stephen?

  2. You're an amazing looking guy and a really good actor. Thanks for all your great work and for doing this interview. I have a few questions: I know from a past interview that you're straight. Thanks for continuing to make so much m/m erotica. Have you ever found yourself turned on at all by being spanked? What was it like getting spanked by Andy from Straight Lads Spanked. That movie was a classic. What do you think of the idea of doing other videos where you spank another young model? I'd love to see another cute guy over your knee. Although I also love seeing you over Stephen's knee. Thanks again. You're a total star.

    1. I didn't know that Jonathon was straight. :( I'm a little disappointed...
      However, if he is straight, I do have a friend that would be PERFECT for him. Is Jonathon interested in dating? How would he feel about spanking with women? What are some of his turn ons/turn offs?
      Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview.

  3. Do you get a lot of people recognising you and congratulating you on your amazing videos?

  4. Do you have any favourite or memorable clips that you either enjoyed making or that just stand out above the rest? I enjoyed both your speedo spanking clips and you and Dirk in the bedroom immensely.

  5. What's your favourite type of underwear?

  6. How did you know you loved spanking?
    and from there how did you jump to make a public spanking video? how much did you win for this first video? And now, how much do you make per video?

  7. What was your reaction to the idea of making spanking films when it was first
    suggested to you? And has your attitude to them changed over the years - what do you think about them now?

  8. Were you spanked growing up? If so, how? If not, how were you disciplined? And do you ever come to NYC? I'd love to teach you a lesson. You can check out my own spanking videos here if you like:

  9. What's your favorite spanking instrument? Least favorite?

  10. do you enjoy the thought of others seeing your bare bottom and your facial reactions to the spankings?

  11. Will we see Jonathon made to wear his school shorts again as part of his spanking punishment showing him that he ' s till really a little boy?

  12. Does spanking turn you on?

  13. Thank you for answering our questions!

    I suppose my questions are more generic; I want to know a little more about you outside of the spanking world. Hobbies/favorite movies/music, etc. Also, what's your funniest memory with Stephen?